Zoe Pound: Zoe Pound members arrested (photos)

Zoe Pound is the name of the gang that got taken down. Zoe Pound members numbered around 50 in Fort Pierce. Zoe Pound made their illegal livelihood doing the drug trade, murder, robbery, burglary, theft, selling stolen property and acts of violence.

Six members of Zoe Pound were arrested. These gang members had prior arrests and convictions.

Michael “Big Mike” Louis, 27.
Jamel “Lil Haiti” Asseille, 26.
Fred David “Freddy” Boston, 19.
Francis ”Po Zoe” Dextra, 25.
Wendell Bellevue, 21.
David Emanual ”Mr. Zoe” Poole, 28.

Details of Zoe Pound activities are here. Photos of Zoe Pound members are at the link.

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