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Sep 252009

Susan Atkins son was named Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz. At the point of writing, Glutz was 41. He is the biological son of Susan Atkins. His father was never named publicly although it was denied that Charles Manson was the father. Glutz was one year old when Atkins was sentenced to life in prison. Glutz was adopted by a family and raised by them.

Very little is known abut Atkins’ son. Susan Atkins’ son was named Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz by Charles Manson. Apparently, he had such control over his cult’s members that he could order them to follow his instructions. Many accounts had reported he was not the father of the boy. The baby boy was sent away to be adopted.

A website called Classmates listed Mr Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz as a graduate of the class of 1986. (He was born in 1968). Susan Atkins allegedly said Bruce Hall fathered her son. Mr Glutz attended Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey. This statement can not be verified. However, other sources said after he was adopted by a couple in California, he was re-named Paul. As such, there would be no records of anyone named Zezozose. Yet another website said Zezozose is an active Marine. If his name was changed, he could not have used his old name.

In 1981, Susan Atkins married Donald Lee Lai$ure. He said he was a multimillionaire and spelled his name using the $ sign, in lieu of the letter s. He married Susan Atkins in the prison chapel. After a few months, the marriage was dissolved. Years later, in 1987, Susan Atkins married James W Whitehouse.

Atkins was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008. She had a medical condition which caused one leg to be amputated. At the time of her death in 2009, Atkins holds the dubious record of being the longest serving female prisoner in California’s prisons.

On September 2 2009, Susan Atkins had a parole hearing. She also had a visit from her husband, James Whitehouse, a lawyer. Susan Denise Atkins died in September 2009 after suffering from cancer while in prison. Atkins asked for parole or release from prison based on compassionate grounds. Atkins passed away at 61.

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