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Oct 072009

What happened to Yvonne Craig? Yvonne Joyce Craig is best known for her role in Batgirl in Batman TV series, in the 1960s. Craig was born on May 16, 1937.

Craig trained as a ballet dancer and gradually moved into acting. Craig married her first husband, Jimmy Boyd. Craig stayed married to Boyd during 1960 to 1962. After her divorce, Craig later married Kenneth Aldrich in 1910. The state of Craig and Aldrich’s marriage now is unknown.

Yvonne Joyce Craig left acting and went to become a producer of industrial shows. After that stage, Craig engaged in the real estate business.

Yvonne Craig film and TV credits:
The Young Land, Gidget, The Gene Krupa Story, High Time, Batman, Batgirl, etc.

Yvonne Craig in the 1960s.

Yvonne Craig

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  1. Yvonne married Ken Aldrich in 1990 after they had dated for 17 years. They are still happily married.

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