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Feb 212010

Yolanda “Lala” Brown died and her funeral was held at the Mason Temple Church of God in Christ Child, at 6090 N 35th Street in Milwaukee.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral service for Lala Brown, a R & B singer, who was gone too soon. Lala Brown was only 21 and in the wake of a promising music career when she was suddenly taken away in 2007.

Lala Brown and JeTannue Clayborn were found dead in their studio in 2007.  Brown and Clayborn were murdered. Their case has been featured in America’s Most Wanted in the hope that the public can come forward with tips to assist in the investigation.

Yolanda Lala Brown funeral picture.

Lala Brown and JeTannue Clayborn.

Lala Brown and Kool-aid Clayborn.

Lala Brown & Kool-aid Clayborn



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  8 Responses to “Yolanda Lala Brown funeral picture”

  1. I didnt know lala or koolaid and even thoe koolaid was young. your cousin was a grown man and knew what was going on. He dont look stupid. so you cant blame lala for his death he could have left her if he was so scared. She probably didnt take the death threats serious. Ive had people threaten me and im still here. And every one i know is dead or locked up on some dumb shit. But to me koolaid was lucky to have a beautiful young woman like lala. He may have been good at makeing music. But ot sounds to me lala. Was going to make his music go far with her singing skills. But cowards happen shit happens this is life. My sisters mans nephew was only 19. And some one gunned him down. Shot him in the back left him half in the street. And half in some ones yard. No one has cought the man who did that to him. And he was a good kid with bad people around him. And that was two years ago. But rip lala and koolaid and sorry for yalls loss to their famlys.

  2. No one knows that happen but them and the bastards that did it . I knew them both & i loved them both kool aid’s cousin or not you still have no right to disrespect lala and say what you said about her. Like i said no one really knows and for you to assume shit and talk down on her is bullshit. You didnt know know here, nor did you know what was going on so next time you decide that you want to talk shit about someone say it in your head no on wants to her that shit. R.I.P Lala & Kool aid i love you & miss you both <3

  3. I love my cousin kool aid to death and we know he in a better place but we all know lala brown was the reason he was murdered. he didnt have any enemies and its hard to believe that even knew what was going on with lala and the bs she was in. Innocent person dead because of a punk bitch who had beef with several people. this some bs i iwish he never met the bitch lala or he will be here still. n her good for nothing asss family knew what the tramp got herself into thats why she came to milwaukee. when my cousin was in atlanta with the bitch he was afraid for his life then. so all yall saying she was this and that yall didnt even know shit but she was a singer or should i say a one hit wonder…. rest in peace kool aid we love you boo and will see you when we get there


  5. It’s obvious that you are in a better place and God will take good care of you. I kno your family is still grieving from your loss. I just want to cry because i know what it feels like to lose someone.

  6. Although i didnt personally know lala it still hurts to know that someone could take a life the way they took hers. It hurts just to know that no one has been bought to justice for this senseless crime. Her daughter will need answers and no one can giv em to her. You hav to be a really cold person to commit a crime like this one and not even hav a conscience to feel even a little wrong. I hate this happened to lala because i know she couldve made it somewhere with that voice. You cant help but pray for her family. Nothing can b said to erase the pain that they feel… Jus kno it may hav been a few years but you’re still in my prayers.

  7. am only 11 but lala was a best female but that person who harras her by calling her phone and murding her and kool aid but he was sick basterd when somebody catch beat in prison kill his ass please i wont justice now

  8. Although I didnt know you la la I knew your talent and you had all the makings to be a star. just a shame to see a young, beautiful woman, daughter,sister and mother life be cut so short. But i know you are happy where you are now and you are smiling with all of gods other beautiful angels. RIP baby girl you are heavy in my heart.. thanks for blessing us with just a sample.

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