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Jan 202010

There’s a story of a woman breastfeeding her dog. It began one day, when the lactating woman, who had a young baby, ran out of dog food for her dog. The only edible food on hand for a dog was a bottle of fresh breast milk, which she just expressed, which was meant for her baby.

In desperation, the woman poured the breast milk into the dog’s bowl. The canine lapped it up. The woman was surprised. She went online and did some research on the internet. She discovered some pet owners breast feed their pigs, cats, dogs, etc.

This woman tried to breastfeed her dog. Her dog loved it, latched on and suckled like there was no tomorrow. The woman liked it too and besides, she could accomplish other goals. She could save money on dog food, slim down by giving milk to her dog too.

The mother breast feeds her baby from her right breast, and breastfeeds her dog from her left breast. The lady stressed she disinfected herself after her dog suckled her.

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  1. What if the dog becomes jealous of the Baby? Or what if it decides it wants meat w/it’s meal? CHOMP! OUCH! Is this a wise choice? Sounds yukkie to me:-(

  2. I Think you should continue. You are a wonderful person

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