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Mar 182009

Updated May 20 – Please disregard all the rumors below. The unexpected has happened. Simon Cowell played a trick on his prediction. Kris Allen has won American Idol 2009. For all America who have voted for Kris Allen, he is the new American Idol 2009. Congratulations to Kris Allen!

Never fear for Adam Lambert, the runner-up. Lambert will get his record deal, just like David Archuleta did.

A source has told that the top 4 contestants in American Idol have been selected. They are Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds, Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey. Out of these, Grace and Gokey will be hotly contested against to see who will be the ultimate winner of American Idol 2009.

The source claimed the results have been fixed because the judges were able to determine who would survive the rounds of elimination.

Winners of American Idol 2009.

Updated May 13 2009

Lil Rounds and Alexis Grace have been eliminated.

Simon Cowell gave his prediction that Adam Lambert would win American Idol 2009.

Updated May 13
American Idol’s top 2 have been revealed to be Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

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  41 Responses to “Winners of American Idol 2009: Who won American Idol 2009?”

  1. i love tim

  2. mann that sucks that adam lambert didnt win..Kris Allen you suck eqqs RealTalk.!ANONYMOUS COMMENTER

  3. Adam is the hotties there is in the 2009 american idol he rocks at siging he rules yeah go Adam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Enough of this fucking bullshit about people finishing outside the Top 10 fading away and not releasing records. It’s time that cycle broke! Alexis needs a record deal! Somebody give her one NOW!!! She is way better than everybody who finished ahead of her! Get the picture???

  5. whatever


  7. i was not in support with the idea of the judges about anope and lil rounds eviction.Am so disappointed,well its a competition.there must be a winner,well thanks to America for making this happen,thou,am not an american but i watch the whole scene in mnet series.How i wish i was in America!maybe it could change a little bit coz my favourite artist didnt make it to he top.
    I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how i wish i could enroll for next year,if thats possible,
    As beckham use to sayi trust in that word.

  8. Come on! Adam should have won! He’s so creative…you’ve got to love the gays.

  9. i think that lambert deserved to win. sure, kris is cute…but is that what ALL of america has sunk done to? judge people by looks and not by talent? theres no such bull here in iceland. its wonderful here. i dare you to visit.

  10. Adam is so nice. He has to win!!
    He makes it all to his own!

  11. America got it wrong.Adam will far outsell Kris.

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