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Jul 152010

Willie Geist wears dresses behind closed doors and if he were given choices, he wished to kiss Al Roker, instead of Hoda Kotb or Kathie Lee.

Willie Geist replaced Kathie Lee while she went on vacation leave from The Today Show. Hoda Kotb enjoyed her hot new partner Geist from MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” . However, Geist would not want to kiss her.

Geist said he began his working life as a liquor delivery truck driver when he was fresh out of college. Geist slowly found a job at CNN as a sports highlights editor. Geist worked hard at moving up the corporate ladder and became a producer. Geist wanted to continue his career path but fate decided otherwise for him. He ended being a TV personality on MSNBC.

Geist has a great sense of humor and left some of his readers wondering if he really meant it when he said he tried on Kathie Lee’s wardrobe in her dressing room, while she was away. Is Willie Geist gay?

Willie Geist.

Willie Geist

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  3 Responses to “Willie Geist gay: Willie Geist updates (photo)”

  1. I knew someone who once worked as a stripper in a gay strip club. He told me than an anchor for MSNBC visited his club. It could only be Willie Geist or Dylan Ratigan. Willie definitely seems more the part.

  2. Ah, a friend saw the segment and just told me that Will was just goofing around in the Palin t-shirt, trying to get a reaction from Manhattan’s liberal (and educated) Upper West Side. Okay, I can fantasize about him again in good conscience.

    Seriously, if you’ve never seen Will in his high school basketball uniform, you’re missing out on, er, “a lot.” Google it, especially the one where his legs are splayed open wide. Even my sexless girlfriend liked that photo (make sure to find the uncensored version).

  3. Unfortunately, Willie is not gay. He is currently married with children. I’ve had a crush on him since high school, where he was captain of both the football and basketball teams. Google for some photos, because he was hot. I wonder if he ever caught me (and at least two other guys) staring at him in the locker room and showers. I was a nobody so I doubt if he’d even remember me. Too bad cellphone cameras weren’t around yet or I’d have actual photos and not just locker room memories for my nightly fun. Thinking of Will has helped me muddle through more than a few lifeless nights with my girlfriend; he’s better than Viagra™. Last week, I fantasized about Will making out with CBS anchor, Chris Wragge, who was also the captain of a New Jersey high school football team. Despite all this … I have to admit to no longer being turned on because he supported McCain/Palin (according to the photo). Well, McCain was okay but Palin????

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