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Jun 112009

Updated Sep 28 – Jamie Czerniawski allegedly was having an affair with Michael Biserta, a fireman. Czerniawski and Biserta were trading mobile Facebook messages hours before she attacked her husband. Czerniawski, 30,and Biserta, 25, were shown to have exchanged explicit messages that spoke of a relationship between them.

Michael Biserta was a part time model. Biserta acted in a video called “Guys Gone Wild”, in 2004.Biserta joined the FDNY in 2006 and he was not penalized for his modeling and acting work done before he joined the Fire Department. However, the FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta stopped his staff from posing in male topless calendars.

Michael Biserta got engaged to his fiancée, Danielle Cipriano, in February 2009. Biserta had planned to marry Cipriano on Oct 10, 2010. Now that Biserta and Czerniawski’s alleged affair has become a court evidence, there might be a change in wedding plans.

Jun 11 2009

Jamie Czerniawski (sometimes spelled as Czerniawsk), former contestant in reality TV show “Wife Swap”, was arrested. Jamie Czerniawski allegedly stabbed her husband Charles Czerniawski with a kitchen knife. Czerniawski was accused of using a knife to attack her husband over the Memorial Day weekend holidays. Jamie Czerniawski was charged with assault.

Czerniawski accused her husband of being jealous after she got a telephone call from ther mutual male friend. Charles, Czerniawski’s husband, got into a fight with his wife. Somehow, Czerniawski took the knife to attack her husband. After her arrest, Czerniawski paid her bail of $75,000.

Now, Charles Czerniawski is estranged from his wife. Charles hired a lawyer. Charles Czerniawski strongly disagreed with Jamie’s claim that she stabbed him in self defense.

Jamie Czerniawski (photo at link) was a former Miss Teen New Jersey beauty queen.

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