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Jun 282008

On the eighth episode of A Farmer Wants A Wife, the farmer, Matt Neustadt chose Brooke Ward as the winner. It would be too early to write that Matt Neustadt chose Brooke Ward as his wife, although the title of the reality show said that.

Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt
Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt, after the winner’s results

A website arranged for an interview with Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt. They were asked what were their plans after A Farmer Wants A Wife. Matt Neustadt replied that he would get to know Brooke Ward better.

When it was Brooke Ward’s turn, she responded the same; she would get to know Matt Neustadt. Moreover, she assured the reporter that she had a degree. She could get a job. The intrinsic meaning was that she need not fall down at the feet of the farmer because she had to be dependant on him. Brooke Ward said that first thing she was going to do was to relocate to be nearer Matt Neustadt.

I’ll wish Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt good luck in their relationship.

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Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt updated on Monday June 30.

Friday June 27 2008 –

Brooke Ward’s views.

Brooke Ward will soon leave her apartment in Hermosa Beach. Brooke Ward was going to fulfill her promise to see Matt Neustadt. Brooke Ward packed her car. Her sister, Miss Ward, has a wedding in Texas. After attending the wedding celebration Brooke Ward would drive to Missouri to see her man, Matt Neustadt.


Brooke Ward explained that the road has not been smooth since she left Matt Neustadt in Missouri last summer 2007, when shooting for the reality TV show, A Farmer Wants A Wife ended.

Brooke Ward said that Matt Neustadt & herself were confused about their intentions for being on the show, A Farmer Wants A Wife. Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt agreed on a common ground that they had feelings for each other. Still, it was hard to figure out. The seriousness of it finally overwhelmed them like an anti-climax.

Brooke Ward elaborated that Matt Neustadt and herself were scared and left lots of unsure things unsaid. In April 2008, Matt Neustadt arrived to create publicity. This was the chance for Matt Neustadt & herself to rekindle their friendship & romance.


Brooke Ward confirmed that she was dating Matt Neustadt. Brooke Ward explained this to show why she was moving away from her old and familiar environment.

Matt Neustadt’s views.


Meanwhile, Matt Neustadt has bee busy doing his farming and sandbagging. His hometown of Portage des Sioux had to battle heavy rains. The Mississippi & Missouri rivers ham in the small farming community. Matt Neustadt explained that he was attracted to Brooke Ward but was intimidated by the cameras and production crew.

Matt Neustadt said that it was stressful to work on a relationship with the constant presence of cameras. Sometimes, things did not work out. Matt Neustadt expressed his opinion that he had difficulty defining what was real with all the media’s intrusion.


The premiere of A Farmer Wants A Wife was in April 2008, in Los Angeles. Matt Neustadt & Brooke Ward have communicated via phone & email. They concluded that they still shared the same, good feelings they had for each other when the show wrapped up filming last summer 2007.

Matt Neustadt confirmed that he had the special type of feelings for Brooke Ward that he never had for another woman in his life.

Both Matt Neustadt & Brooke Ward had said that they were suited for each other at the start of the show.

Matt Neustadt revealed that he had to keep his feelings hidden. Matt Neustadt was confident that Brooke Ward was the right woman and would survive the elimination rounds.

Brooke Ward said that she was confident that Matt Neustadt would not eliminate her and send her home. It was only at the last episode that she got really worried that Christa might win over Matt Neustadt.



Brooke Ward faced the jealousy, rivalry and animosity from other contestants in A Farmer Wants A Wife. She was heartbroken to see that Matt Neustadt liked Christa Ackerman.

Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt have both said that thye have remained friend with the rest of the cast in A Farmer Wants A Wife. Matt Neustadt said that the only woman he did not keep in touch with was Josie Goldberg, of Laguna Niguel.

Brooke Ward said that Lisa Lewolt has become her best friend. They went line dancing together the last weekend before this interview.

Brooke Ward has confessed that she loves Matt Neustadt. She said that she knew about his character, heart, soul and person. Matt Neustadt has also expressed his feeling that Brooke Ward would be that special woman for him. Matt Neustadt was looking forward for the chance to date like a normal couple, instead of relying on long distance communication.

Matt Neustadt assured that he had the right and honorable intentions with Brooke Ward. Matt Neustadt confirmed that he would not date a woman if he thought he was not going to marry her. The last accolade Matt Neustadt aid to Brooke Ward was his prediction that he thought nothing would go wrong.



To be continued.

Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt on a picnic on the last episode of A Farmer Wants A Wife:

Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt on a picnic on the last episode of A Farmer Wants A Wife

 Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt were banned from being seen together in public after the filming ended in 2007. that was because the producers did not want the public to know who the farmer had chosen as his “wife”, before the Season’s shows were aired on TV.

Brooke Ward & Matt Neustadt waited one year before “A Farmer Wants A Wife” aired its finale. Now, they can date in public and be seen anywhere. Love is patient!


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  1. realy? there not together?

  2. This randomly popped up in my email. So here is an update. Matt has a wife named Megan. I heard this information a few months ago from a local farmer who is friends with Matt.

  3. I feel the same as the other above. It was a great show with 2 lovley people. It would be nice if they had an update show or maybe a reality show so we can watch their progress.

  4. i really would like to know if brooke and matt ever did get married they are great together. todays date is february 26, 2010

  5. im glad brooke won cuz christa was a hobo. i cant stand her but i was sure either stacy or amanda were going 2 win. stacy was beautiful.

  6. so glad i found this site but quite hard to read why do you need to put there full name everywhere well hope to hear more i am so glad they are still together i was rooting for brooke the whole show

  7. nunya,

    Sorry, part of the writing is for technical purpose. :(

  8. P.S. Brooke is a skeez!!

  9. What’s with the weird syntax here? This website is nearly impossible to read due to the constant references to “Matt Neustadt” and “Brooke Ward.” Whatever happened to he and she? Good god! I feel like a 4th grader new to English wrote this!

  10. Thanks for keeping us up to date .Love this show and hope they will do some kind of a follow up. We need more reality shows like this one !! I will check back to see what information you have. thanks again.

  11. Kaitie,

    I’ll set up a lookout for their latest news and post here when it is ready. Thanks for coming. :)

  12. I love this show and I really need you to keep us lovers of the show in an all kn ow situation. Please keep this updated so we can see wat the 2 match makers are up 2!!

    -Thanks :)

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