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Jul 122010

Jul 12 2010 – Tramaine Hawkins
Tramaine Hawkins was once married to Walter Hawkins. They met when she joined The Edwin Hawkins Singers Choir. Tremaine and Walter had two children together. Their daughter and son are grown up now. Tremaine and Walter became grandparents to two grandchildren.

Walter Hawkins created the music group called The Heavenly Tones, which became renamed into Little Sister Band.

Tremaine Hawkins left the band to become a solo artiste in the 1970s. Tremaine attained success and was the first gospel singer to be signed up with Columbia records. After Tremaine and Walter were divorced, she later married Tommy Richardson Jr.

Tremaine and Walter’s two children are named Trystan Hawkins and Walter “Jamie” Hawkins Jr. Walter Jamie is a R&B singer. Tremaine has a daughter-in-law, gospel singer Myiia “Sunny” Hawkins; and two grandchildren, Jamie-Daniel and Jahve.

Tremaine Hawkins and Tommy Richardson have been married for 16 years and they live in Sacramento.

On July 11, 2010, Walter Hawkins passed away after a fight with pancreatic cancer. Bishop Walter Hawkins died at home at the age of 61.

Tremaine Hawkins, on the right.

Tremaine Hawkins, right

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  5 Responses to “Tramaine Hawkins”

  1. Tramaine was a favorite of mine from the years of my youth and I sing her songs today and they move God’s people today as they did in the past. As far as Tramaine’s appearance is concerned….everything must change. You don’t know why she may look as she looks now…when you speak of someone else, you speak of yourself. Be very careful “God’s” people.

  2. Shocked1
    Your comments are rude, trite and shallow. Who r u to pass judgement? I am certain if we were to critique you, you would have to hide under a rock afterwards. Shame on you!

  3. God loves all of his children, overweight, slim, underweight or whatever.. What kind of Godly Love are you displaying. Is it more important that she is praising, and living the way God would have us, Or is it more important to look and say what the world says is acceptable. God is Love he doesn’t look on the outward appearance. Be Blessed

  4. Shocked I dont think being rude is a part of the gospel community. I feel its more of a religious community the gospel is never rude or unkind the gospel has fruit we produce to look like Christ.Check the FRUIT

  5. Dang Tramaine looks a mess in this pictures. She looks
    a mess period.(2011) she needs to get her weight under control….ur disgraceing the gospel community
    get it together Tramaine.

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