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Sep 042013

three orange flowersWally Bayola, a comedian from Philippines, may have a sex tape. Bayola is married and the alleged blue film showed him in the act with Yoshika Rivera.Yosh Rivera is his co-star. Philippines is a largely Catholic country and any adult entertainment that is leaked illegally will not sit down with the authorities. The crime is tagged as concubinage. If convicted, the criminal gets 4 years imprisonment. Wally Bayola should have known better. He has seen bad times, when his male colleague was caught in a sex ape. Now, its Bayola’s turn.

Loyal fans of Bayola may take consolation in the fact that the leaked so-called sex tape did not show anything too revealing. Everything is just hearsay at this go. It could be a publicity stunt to boost the profiles of Bayola and Yosh Rivera.

Bayola’s public image is that of a smiling, family man. As a comedian, he has appeared in various guises, including an alter ego who wore makeup, attired in a tight stretch top. That picture has become an icon, being parodied as quite improbable, for a match with Yosh Rivera.

Some internet users are taking advantage of the curiosity, to make fake claims of posting Bayola-Rivera sex tapes. It is sad to take readers for a ride. Then again, would you want to watch a comedian having it with a dancer?

Yoshika Rivera is a dancer with the group, EB Babes. On Monday, September 2, 2013. Since then, the original leaked tape was removed from youtube, but is is still available on other websites. Bayola has not appeared on the TV show, Eat Bulaga!, since the alleged sex tape was leaked. Ms Rivera is also keeping a low profile. Their advisors may have asked them to lie low, until the storm blows over.

Some people may be wondering if Yosh Rivera is linked to Geraldo Rivera. The answer is, not that anyone knows. The latter is a TV personality, born in New York. His father was from Puerto Rico, which explains his Latin-Spanish sounding name. Yoshika’s name may share some common roots with Spanish ancestry.

Celebrity scandals come in threes. Before Yosh Rivera hogged the limelight on Monday, September 2, 2013, Geraldo Rivera had already snagged his spot of infamous scandal. Geraldo Rivera is hopping mad his speaking engagement at a Catholic University was canceled. Mr Rivera posted a semi naked selfie, in July. He caught the whole world by storm. None thought Mr Rivera would be at it, looking to his age. Mr. Rivera is 70 years old. He was quoted as saying, “70 is the new 50”.

No doubt, Mr Rivera will be sorely missed at the 50th anniversary commemoration of the JFK assassination at Duquesne University in October, 2013.

Now that two celebrity scandals have been accounted for, which is the third celeb scandal? It will rear its head in 10 seconds, 9, 8, …

Ariel Castro is dead. This makes the third infamous celebrity scandal. The kidnapper of 3 women has died at his own hands. Maybe he was afraid of being enslaved like a sex slave in the prison, despite the authorities giving him protection in solitary confinement. It was ironical Castro lasted but a month, in contrast to the decade he had imprisoned Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina De Jesus.Castro committed suicide by hanging, on Monday night, September 2, 2013.

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