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Aug 012008

Updated Tuesday March 3 – Vince Li pleaded not guilty to killing Tim McLean.Vince Li will present psychiatric evidence in his defense. The trial will decide if Li is to be sent to a psychiatric  institution for treatment or convicted and sent to prison. (Source)

McLean’s mother, Carol de Delley, wants murder convicts jailed for life. This includes the mentally insane or Not Criminally Responsible (NCR). De Delley has started a campaign to change the Criminal Code in Canada. Her proposed change has been dubbed as “Tim’s Law”. (Source)

Updated Aug 11.
The Windigo Cannibal hypothesis.
Nathan Carlson, an athno-historian from Edmonton, thinks that a Windigo was responsible for Vince Li killing, defiling and eating the corpse of Tim McLean. A Windigo is a creature in mythology that eats humans. It can possess humans and convert them into cannibals. In 1800 – 1900s, there were gruesome deaths linked to Windigo.

Nathan Carlson researched and documented cases where people would have convulsions, make sounds and plead with captors to kill them before they turn cannibals. Nathan Carlson said that there were many similarities with Vince Li and the Windigos.


Vince Li’s next court appointment is on Sept. 8. A psychologist will determine if Vince Li is fit to stand trial and be held responsible for his actions.

Updated August 9.
The funeral of Tim McLean was attended by roughly 600 people. A few hundred anti-protestors were around to guard the church service and Tim McLean’s family. Westboro Baptist Church members failed to show up in any protest.

Updated on August 9.
Westboro Baptist Church members have succeeded in reaching Manitoba and are in hiding until Tom McLean’s funeral service starts on Saturday afternoon. WBC plan to picket and display their signs.

Updated August 8. Carol deDelley’s message.
Tim McLean, whose full name was Timothy Richard McLean Jr, had a mother, Carol deDelley. Carol deDelley has released a message. Tim McLean had 4 parents. His biological parents divorced and re-married. Carol deDelley is Tim McLean’s mother. His father is Tim McLean Sr. Tim McLean Sr. married Nadine McLean. Amanda McLean/Corregan is Tim’s eldest sister. Vana deDelley is a step sister. Jade deDelley is a stepsister. Kathryn McLean is his sister. Kendall deDelley is a half-brother and Donald deDelley is a half-brother.

The four parents asked for privacy to mourn their loss. Source.

Updated August 8.

Jim Cotton, of Winnipeg Beach, has gathered a group of people who promised to show up at Tim McLean’s funeral on Saturday. Jim Cotton’s group will encircle the opposite group from Westboro Baptist Church and pray for Tim McLean’s family. They will also stop the picketing visitors from creating disturbances.

WBC church members are determined to cross the Canadian Border. One of them said that the only way to check for the WBC member is to do the strip search and look for the WBC tattoo on the butt.

Updated Aug 7.
The story about Stacey on the bus is false. Stacey was on a plane at the time of the murder. Vince Li sold his laptop for $60 to Darren Beatty, 15, a gas station worker. Darren Beatty said there were letters, resumes, photos and personal data of Vince Li stored there. Police have removed the laptop for investigations.

A Montreal businessman and a newspaper have donated a laptop to Darren Beatty to replace the one removed by the police. Dorothy Beatty, Darren’s mother, expressed her gratitude.

PETA wanted to buy an ad that depicted the slaying of Tim McLean as similar to that of an animal. Portage la Prairie’s newspaper declined citing bad taste.

Westboro Baptist Church, a hate group based in US, planned to travel to Westwood Community Church on Saturday, Aug 9, to protest. They want to relay their message that God hates Canadians and that was why Tim McLean died in such a horrible tragedy. Tim Dedelly, Tim McLean’s step-father, said he has reported this to the local police.

Katie McLean and Amanda Corrigan are sisters of Tim McLean. They attended a candlelight vigil at the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg on Sunday, August 3. It was a memorial for Tim McLean.

Updated August 6.
The court in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, ordered Vince Li to take a psychiatric evaluation. The prosecuting lawyer said Vince Li had a plastic bag in his pocket when he was arrested. In the bag were body parts like an ear, nose and a portion of a mouth. In Court, Vince Li said, “Please kill me.”

Updated August 5.
A roadside memorial has been set up at about 20 kilometres west of Portage la Prairie for Tim McLean Jr., who was murdered on July 30.

Vince Li spent an hour chatting and smoking with a woman named Stacy. Stacy was Tim McLean’s colleague in North American Midway Entertainment. Stacy has returned to British Columbia, in Canada. Now, the McLean family are curious about what Stacy and Vince Li talked about.

Tim McLean had messaged his girlfriend, Alexandra Storey, that some bus passengers had consumed ecstasy. Alexandra Storey said she suspected Stacey may have said something that triggered Vince Li’s attack on Tim McLean. Alexandra believed that Vince Li did not just change seats and pick out Tim McLean without reason.

A family in Winnipeg who knew Vince Li told the press that they suspected Vince Li was suffereing from paranoid schizophrenia. Je refused to seek treatment.

Updated August 4.

Vince Weiguang Li was first reported to be a Chinese Muslim by CBC, but the newspaper edited itself and deleted the references to Vince Li being a Muslim. Since the original report has been scrapped by a professional scrapper, all references/ links can not be traced. It was as if it never existed. Maybe it was a rumor or a genuine mistake which the editor corrected.

This was rumored to be in a report by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) –
“RCMP announced Friday morning that they have charged Vince Weiguang Li, 40, of Edmonton with second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear at the Manitoba provincial court in Portage la Prairie. A Chinese Muslim, Li expressed to investigators that his actions were motivated by the Koran.” (webpage link is missing).

Updated August 4.

Tim McLean wore a baseball cap

On Sunday, August 3, Tim McLean’s family, relations, friends and well wishers gathered together at their local church for a memorial service. There were about 200 people present.

Tim was suddenly taken away on Wed. July 30, 2008. Tim McLean’s colleagues will organize a fundraising activity to assist in the financial burden on his family. McLean had worked for North American Midway.

Should the Canadian Government do something to implement security measures for Greyhound buses? Read here.
Updated August 4.
Picture of Alex McLean, Tim McLean’s uncle. Alex McLean described Tim as being a good and gentle soul.

Alex McLean, Tim McLean’s uncle.

Updated August 3.
Vince Li has been put on a suicide watch at Winnipeg Remand Center. Vince Li is protected from himself by being clothed in a special suicide suit. Five correctional center officials have to accompany and watch him if he has to be transported anywhere. He is a flight risk and suicide risk.

Vince Li has not spoken since Sunday afternoon. He communicated by nodding or shaking his head, in response to questions. He refused to speak to a lawyer he refused to make eye contact with anyone.
Pastor Tom Castor, from the Baptist Church, and his congregation have offered help to Vince Li’s wife, Anna Li. Simultaneously, the Baptist Church has also offered services to Tim McLean’s family.

Updated August 3.

Vince Li was charged with second degree murder. He did not enter his plea as it was not required. One hand was bandaged and his face was bruised. His injuries could have been sustained when he tried to escape from the locked bus. Vince Lee broke a window to try to run out but the police apprehended him.

Vince Li migrated to Canada from China 4 years ago. The Winnipeg community took him under their wing. Vince Li was reserved and well liked. Vince Li showed that he was lost sometimes but refused to seek professional help for his problems.
Vince Li suddenly developed the habit of taking bus trips. Friends heard that he went away to look at land but doubted that he had the money to buy property. Vince Li had a wife in Winnipeg but he uprooted himself to Edmonton. After some time, Mrs. Li joined her husband in Edmonton.

One time, Vince Li was upset about getting a traffic ticket and he recounted the incident to a friend. Vince Li said that “they were after me, there was nothing there.” This was one of the indications that something was not quite right with him.

Vince Li’s former church pastor at the Baptist Church will discuss with some people on how they could render assistance to Vince Li.

Updated August 2, from Edmonton, Canada.
The murder happened on Wednesday night and by Friday morning, Vince Li made his first court appearance. The prosecution lawyer asked for a psychological report but the judge said he wanted to give Vince Li the chance to consult with his lawyer first.
Vince Li was able to nod his head in response to a question asked by the judge. The judge asked him if he was exercising his right not to speak and Li understood and nodded his head.

Vince Weiguang Li worked as a newspaper delivery man. His former boss, Vincent Augert, said he worked on Monday, July 28, 2008. When Vince Weiguang Li failed to show up for work on Tuesday, July 29, Vincent Augert called his cell phone and a woman answered. She identified herself as Vince Weiguang Li’s wife. He had left town on an emergency and she had no idea where he went, according to Mrs. Vince Weiguang Li.

Vincent Augert knew that Vince Weiguang Li worked at McDonald’s too. Vincent Augert, whose relationship to Vince Weiguang Li was as his newspaper delivery supervisor, said that Li was a nice guy.

Vince Weiguang Li’s next appointment in court will be on Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

Vince Weiguang Li

Updated August 1.
Picture of Vince Weiguang Li is below:
Vince Weiguang Li

A Canadian police officer’s audio tape revealed that the suspect, Vince Weiguang Li, killed his victim, and hacked off pieces of the body to eat it.

Original post:

Tim McLean, 22, was a victim of a stabbing in a Greyhound bus. Tim McLean was decapitated. He was Tim McLean Jr., from Winnipeg. Police have charged Vince Weiguang Li, 40, of Edmonton, with second degree murder. He will appear in the Manitoba Provincial court in Portage la Prairie.

Tim McLean

Tim McLean

Tim McLean was listening to his music with his headphones on and he could have fallen asleep when Vince Weiguang Li sat down beside him.

Eye witnesses said Vince Weiguang Li suddenly took out his Rambo-like knife and stabbed Tim McLean repeatedly. All passengers & the driver left the bus. Vince Weiguang Li cut off Tim McLean’s head and walked around the bus.

The passengers secured the door from outside to prevent him from coming out. The driver disabled the bus so that Vince Weiguang Li could not drive off. Police managed to persuade Vince Weiguang Li to surrender himself peacefully.

Condolences to Tim McLan’s family. This is a horrific tragedy.

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  1. Really.what does it have to do with Canada or USA a man is dead people have lost a child friend and family member and it become a debait on what country is better who gives a shit laws do have to be changed instead of people being supportive they are hating on each other this is exactly where the problem comes from we are different countries and have different laws i am not opposed to guns but i don’t believe that they should be easy to get guns don’t kill people do

  2. I travelled on 6 bus trips this past summer…I was checked once leaving Winnipeg by a security guard who obviously was asleep and just wanted to get it over with.I could have had a gun or a knife it would have never been seen..by the quick search.It would also appear that bad guys only travell at night because thats the only time Greyhounds do any checking..????

  3. “Even if he was a Muslim terrorist would he go and eat the flesh of a human? In what kind of attack by Muslims did the attackers go and start eating the flesh of the victims?”

    Try reading http://www.prophetofdoom.net, you dhimmi idiot…

  4. The killer’s ethnicity has EVERYTHING to do with it – unless you’re an insane bleeding heart liberal, who is incapable of understanding STATISTICAL LIKELIHOOD.

    For example, Vince Li no doubt came from some backwards hellhole in China (or wherever it was) where everybody happily tortured animals to death, so that they could eat them, thus explaining his ability to even commit the atrocities he did, let alone want to do them.

    His ‘God told me to do it’ bullshit excuse is sickening, but more sickening because some so-called ‘experts’ BELIEVED this bullcrap, and have let him get away with his crimes. He is in a ‘secure unit’ and will be ‘reassessed’ in ONE YEAR. Meaning some dumbass ‘experts’ are just waiting to LET HIM OUT as soon as possible, so they can show how they’ve ‘succeeded’ in ‘rehabilitating’ this piece of human shit.

    He should have been thrown to lions in a public arena, for the family members to watch.

    There is no such thing as ‘mental illness’, he CHOSE to do what he did. Canada is now filling up with all the scum of the Earth – meaning all the non-white parasites who can get there. But let’s just pretend that ‘we’re all the same’ and that race has nothing to do with culture or how successful and safe a society is. The scum in the Canadian tyrannous government will all get their just desserts when the country they have actively destroyed descends into full blown civil war.

  5. anothe Pc gone mad case..

  6. @ katherine
    lol scientologists

  7. Vince Li was in a psychiatric hospital for 4 days. You can be sure he was PDHed (given pain, drugs, hypnosis). No further discussion, really. Psychiatry is a dangerous fraud, funded by Medicare, supported by fundraising. Was he given electroconvulsive shock therapy, insulin shock, a brain operation, anti-psychotic drugs…? Somebody please investigate and report to the world. Toronto Western Hospital is expanding its DBS – deep brain stimulation – to 200 people, from 50. This is an implant which delivers 24 hour electric current to the brain. They are frauds and a lethal dangerous element to our safety. They are creating killers. Please do something about it. Check out Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Watch “Psychiatry – Industry of Death”. Please help our poor failing culture. Eradicate the psychs. Put Li’s psychiatrist on trial for second degree murder, too!!!

  8. Molly, it is Karla Homolka with a K, or was. And she was out in 12 and lives under a new name, and has a child, and is free living in the bahamas. Can’t say that for any of her victims. And Canadian justice did that. And lets not forget the pig farm killer on that list, Robert Pickton…Anyhow don’t be lulled into thinking your government will protect you, they are too soft, they have let child molesters out knowing they will commit the same crime again. They are more concerned with the perp than the victims. So that is why I support the death penalty, they will never be set free by some sappy liberal thinking “oh well they have done their time”. Murder stats show the death penalty did decrease the crime of murder. Mexico is now thinking of bringing it in for the first time ever. People like you are foolish, telling people how victims must feel, or assuming they would not want to to see the victim killed. We are all not flowers and sugar. fine if the perp that harms you or your family and you wish to opine not kill them, then that is up to you. I think this guy should be killed for sure. What good does it do to keep him alive at tax payers expense. Answer that?

  9. Yes, this was a disgusting crime, but blaming it on Canada isn’t the right thing to do.
    Our justice system happens to believe more in rehabilitation than revenge. Many groups and classes I’ve come across throughout my lifetime have had heated discussions about the death penalty and rehab in jail, and not all of us agree with the laws the way they are.
    If you think about it for a while, the death penalty can be an easy out for criminals – they simply get “put down” with an injection and drift away. The people they harmed had no peaceful death.

    Death = Justice?

    And for those of you who haven’t heard of disgusting Canadian crimes before, consider these names: Carla Homolka, Paul Bernardo, David Shearing, Clifford Olson.
    Those are just four of the HUNDREDS of sickos in Canada, and they hurt more than just one person or family.
    Awful crimes happen in Canada all the time, now the media is just picking on immigrants and religion as a way to sell stories. Way to go, corporate crap.

    I feel bad for Tim’s family, think about all of the stories and details posted on the net and splashed all over papers that they probably look at every day.

    Oh, and, there’s NO WAY that anyone who committed this crime will be released back into public in less than 10 years.
    That’s bullshit.

  10. “He used to work at a church? What kind of Muslim works at a church.”
    I am guessing there are many who work in the cleaning field, do you know how many do or do not? And while you are on it, find out what kind of person works in a church and beheads another human being?

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO7-QJGVdM4

    Vince’s fate.

  12. He used to work at a church? What kind of Muslim works at a church. So if I was a xenophobe (like some of you apparently are) I would probably say something about Christianity now but I don’t think him working at a church had anything to do with stabbing,beheading and eating a freaking human being so I won’t. I don’t even know if there is a solution in preventing these kind of things happening.Living in a police state for me anyway is not an option.

    “A man who witnesses said stabbed, beheaded and cannibalized a fellow traveler on a Greyhound bus immigrated to Canada from China four years ago and worked for a time as a church custodian, the pastor who employed him said.

    Grant Memorial Church Pastor Tom Castor, who helped hire Vince Weiguang Li soon after he immigrated in 2004, said the man never showed any sign of anger or emotional problems.”

  13. I can’t believe people drag Islam in to all of this. Even if he was a Muslim terrorist would he go and eat the flesh of a human? In what kind of attack by Muslims did the attackers go and start eating the flesh of the victims? He was a fucked up individual that’s for sure but this has nothing to do with politics nor religion but everything with a psychotic human being who should have been in an institution.

  14. Bruce, can you please stop that. Becides, there was a beheading in Greece where some idiot cut off his girlfriends head. Plus we had a beheading here in Australia in brisbane, and it was a white man who cut off the victims head and used it as a football. I think the cops either gunned him down or shocked him unconsious with Tazer guns.

    Anyhow, getting back to Vince.

    This is what will happen to him in jail, in the showers….(following is taken from that “boondocks” show)

    *Vince is showering with the other inmates, and the soap slips from his hands and he tries to catch it screaming “nooooooooooooo!” its slips from his hands again and slides along the floor to the drain, the other inmates turn and laugh and jeer, Vince freaks out and cries when suddenly he feels a powerfull hand slap onto his shoulder*

    Inmate: “Soap drop nigga!”

    (vince gulps in fright and looks around, there is a 7 foot tall muscular african american inmate)

    Inmate : “Oh you think you just gonna leave it down there, huh?”
    Vince: (VERY timidly) “No…”
    Inmate: “We don’t waste no motherfucking soap in here”
    Vince: “I’m..I’m finished!”
    Inmate: “Finished? Naw, naw nigga. You haven’t finished. I’ve been watchin'”
    Vince: “You have?”
    Inmate: “You haven’t washed behind your ears or nothin'”
    Vince: “But I did..”
    Inmate: “Look at me. See how I’m all cleaned, glisten and shit. (Vince looks at the man, he has a 30″ cock that hangs down past his knees) That’s hygiene nigga. You can call me the health inspector. Now pick up the soap!!”

    *Vince reluctantly bends over to get the soap, and a omminous grin appears on the ‘health inspectors’ face. Other inmates laugh and cheer and say “Pray, baby, pray! I’m next”, and then…..Vince is butt-raped*

  15. Read about loose change the “documentary” here at snopes, you can also read about other fake interent “real stories”, or true ones…

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