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Jul 062008

Aug 31 2011 – Venus Williams has Sjogren’s syndrome. Its an autoimmune disease that shows symptoms when the sufferer feels tired and has pain in joints. On Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011, Venus suddenly with drew her name from the US Open tennis tournament.

Venus said she was compelled to leave the tennis tournament as she had swollen hands, pain and numb hands, morphing joints, dry eyes and mouth, and was feeling discomfort. The symptoms left her leaving listless, and without energy. She hopes to recover in several months’ time. Venus said she was releasing information on her illness to highlight the condition, in order to help educate the public on the illness. If there are
patients out there with similar symptoms but haven’t a clue on what’s causing them, they should get their health checked out.

May 23 2010: Venus Williams wore a black lace tennis dress at the French Open.Venus Williams certainly made a fashion statement with her bold black dress with seams decorated in siren red. Venus Williams made short work of her match against Patty Schnyder, winning 6-3, 6-3.

Venus Williams French Open black lace dress.

Venus Williams French Open black lace dress

Jul 6 2008:
Being an older sister does not mean letting your younger sister win at Wimbledon! Venus Williams put up a good fight and maintained her excellent track record to win her 5th Wimbledon title. The sweet victory was at 7-5 6-4.

Venus Williams & Serena Williams, Wimbledon finals 2008.

Venus Williams & Serena Williams, Wimbledon finals 2008.

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