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Nov 072008

Vanessa Williams original drawing pictureVanessa Williams was crowned in 1983 as Miss America. Vanessa Williams made history as the first African American to be crowned Miss America. Penthouse magazine waited one year before publishing sexy photos of Vanessa Williams taken before her competition in Miss America. In 1984, people were shocked at the sexy pictures of their idol, Miss America Vanessa Williams. The reaction to Vanessa Williams Penthouse pictures was shock. She resigned.

Vanessa Williams Penthouse picture is below:

Vanessa Williams Penthouse picture

The standards have changed somewhat. Some beauty contestants who have had minor controversies have been allowed to retain their crowns. In 2006, Miss USA Tara Conner and Miss Teen USA kissed and took some raunchy pictures but were forgiven and retained their titles. Their photos were even more controversial than Vanessa Williams’ Penthouse pictures. Ms Williams has also spoken up on her past controversy. She said it was a pity she resigned because of her nude photos, but acknowledged it was a sign of the times. In the present society, there may be exceptions to beauty queens posing in naked pictures, depending on the circumstances.

2007 Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, was dethroned after old pictures of her kissing another woman flooded the internet. Katie Rees told that the photos were three years old and before her beauty pageant days but she was stripped of her crown. Vanessa Williams Penthouse pictures were remembered and compared but they were nothing like the kind Katie Rees had.

In Oct 2008, Lindsey Evans, Miss Teen Louisiana, was dethroned after she was arrested. Lindsey Evans was arrested for not paying her restaurant bill and having a drug in her possession. By comparisons, Vanessa Williams’ Penthouse pictures were tame.

Vanessa Williams nude photo is at the link. (NSFW)

Vanessa Williams used to act in Ugly Betty, as the TV character Wilhelmina Slater. After Ugly Betty was axed at the end of its fourth season, Vanessa Williams became jobless. It wasn’t long until Williams found another job.

Vanessa Williams’ new role was on stage in Broadway. Williams acted in “Sondheim on Sondheim”. This was a tribute play production on Stephen Sondheim. Williams is an accomplished singer and she has no problems with singing on Broadway.

Vanessa Williams said she thought the move for Ugly Betty affected the viewers. Ugly Betty moved from LA to New York. Ugly Betty’s time slot got switched around a couple of times and its fans got lost. Ugly Betty was aired on Thursday, but got moved to Friday and then Wednesday.

Ms Williams thought the fourth season of Ugly Betty was their best season and she wanted a chance to get the TV show to go from strength to strength. The cast and crew had relocated from LA to NY and made huge sacrifices. Williams is not sympathetic with ABC studios for axing the show after its 4th season.

Updated Jan 14 2011 –
Vanessa Williams has a chance to return to Desperate Housewives. Teri Hatcher has renewed her contract for the show, which means the Housewives TV series is good for at least one more season. Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria are still negotiating the terms of their new contracts. The actresses are asking for better pay. Since the regular cast are returning to the show, Vanessa Williams’ character has a good chance of continuing in the plot.

Updated Dec 1 2010 –
Vanessa Williams is practicing diplomacy on the set of Desperate Housewives. Williams allegedly knows about Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman & Eva Longoria’s personal goals regarding the show. Williams is keeping quiet and her peace in the hope that if everyone leaves the show, Marc Cherry, the writer, may continue the plot by bringing her minor character to the forefront.

Vanessa Williams disclosed she had been offered $600,000 to write her memoir discussing her former husbands. Williams said she refused to sign the book deal because she didn’t want to diss her children’s fathers.

Williams said she wanted to tell her story, like an autobiography, on how she survived in her life, her battles and how she has evolved to become the woman she is right now. Williams said the book publishers weren’t interested in her content, save for juicy details on her ex husbands.

Updated Sep 11 2010 – Vanessa Williams plays Renee Perry, who is an old friend and competitor of Lynette’s. Renee will be moving into Edie Britt’s former house on Wisteria Lane. Renee is going to compete with Bree Hodge, for her boyfriend.

Vanessa Williams said she had a meeting with Marc Cherry, the creator of Desperate Housewives. He asked Williams if she liked the show because he would invent a character for her to join the show. Williams said her contract was drawn up and signed in 4 days

Updated July 25 2010 – Vanessa Williams has started working on the set of Desperate Housewives. Williams said the gals welcomed her with open arms. Williams gushed praises for March Cherry, the show’s creator.

Vanessa Williams and Marc Cherry.

Vanessa Williams & Marc Cherry

Updated June 20 2010 – Vanessa Williams’ role in Desperate Housewives is a character named Renee Filmore-Jones. RFJ is a former acquaintance of Housewife Lynette (played by Felicity Huffman). Renee’s housewife position leaves her bored as she has nothing to hang on to as a married, childless woman. Renee competes with Lynette, while trying to hide a secret.

Updated May 18 2010:

Vanessa Williams joins Desperate Housewives in the new season 7.

Vanessa Williams played Rennee Perry in Desperate Housewives. The character Rennee lives in Edie Britt’s former house on Wisteria Lane. Rennee is an old college frienemy of Lynette. Rennee is estranged from her reel husband, a MLB player. Rennee eyes Bree Hodge’s boyfriend. Marc Cherry offered her a role in Desperate Housewives and he created Rennee especially for Vanessa Williams. Marc Cherry then asked the agents to draw up a deal to hire Ms Williams. In a matter of 4 days, Ms Williams had inked a deal to star in Desperate Housewives.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams background.
Vanessa Lynn Williams was born on March 18, 1963. Williams is a model, songwriter, singer and actress. Williams’ greatest claim to fame was in 1984, when she was crowned Miss America.

Vanessa Williams’ parents are music teachers and she had her early beginnings as a piano and French horn music student. Williams switched to songwriting and singing. Williams started entering beauty pageants in the 1980s.

Vanessa Williams has a successful career in the entertainment industry. Williams has recorded 8 studio music albums. Her ninth album will be released later in 2010.

Vanessa Williams has been married two times and divorced twice. Vanessa Williams first married Ramon Hervey II, her former manager. Williams and Hervey’s marriage lasted from 1987 to 1997. Their children are Melanie Hervey (born 1987), Jillian Hervey (born 1989) and Devin Hervey (born 1993).

Two years after her divorce from Ramon Hervey, Vanessa Williams married Rick Fox. Rick Fox is a former basketball player with the NBA.Williams and Rick Fox got married in September 1999. Williams and Fox have a daughter named Sasha Gabriella Fox, who was born in May, 2000. By August 2004, Rick Fox had filed for divorce from Williams. Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox have remained cordial towards each other. Vanessa Williams is presently single.

Rick Fox filed for divorce from Vanessa Williams. Their daughter Sasha Fox was 4 years old. Gossip speculated that their long distance marriage failed because Vanessa lived on the east coast while Rick lived on the west coast. Rick had work commitments.

In 2004, Melanie Hervey was 17 years old. Jillian Hervey was 15 years old. Devin Hervey was 11 years old. Their father Ramon Hervey worked as a manager in entertainment.

Vanessa Williams in Desperate Housewives.

Vanessa Williams in Desperate Housewives

Feb 4 2011 – Vanessa Williams is feature in NBC’s TV series, in the premiere of Season Two, Episode One of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Williams’ great grandfather had been one of the early black legislators in Tennessee.

Williams visited the National Archives in Washington and then later on, she traveled to South Carolina. Williams had relatives who were involved in the American Civil War’s Union Army.

Williams was able to obtain the photos of her great-great-grandfathers, on her mother’s side, as well as on her father’s side.

Williams said she was very happy to have the opportunity to participate in Who Do You Think You Are? Williams said she appreciated the resources made available for her to trace her family ancestry.

Lisa Kudrow is the executor producer of Who Do You Think You Are?

Updated April 22 2011 –
Vanessa Williams is collaborating with her mother, Helen Tinch Williams, on a book. Their non-fiction book is about family, fears in life, trials and tribulations in life. The two Williams signed a book deal with Gotham Books, to release the book in 2012. Vanessa and Helen have not decided on the title of their book. The information will be released later.

July 4 2011 – Who Do You Think You Are is about tracing one’s ancestry. Vanessa Williams was a guest celebrity who offered herself for such a search. Williams discovered a lot about her two great, great, grandfathers. One was a General while the other was a black man who avoided being enslaved in the pre-Civil War ear. After the Conferderates and Unions fought, the post Civil War era changed the tide. He married a white woman. The TV Show was aired on RTE One, on July 4, 2011.

America loves her beauty queens. Although Williams lost her crown, she has never been forgotten. Williams had such a huge wave of renewed interest in herself that she has become a product spokeswoman. Williams was hired by V to promote their new LCD Refrigerator, which comes equipped with apps. Williams made her celebrity guest appearance at the Samsung Time Warner Center to help introduce the new LCD Refrigerator.

Aug 9 2011 –
Say goodbye to Vanessa Williams in the Desperate Housewives. Season 8, ending in May 2012, is the last swan song of the TV series, which is exiting on a high note. Some people blame Marc Cherry and Nicollette Sheridan. The on-going lawsuit may have influenced Cherry to end the show. Williams has enjoyed tremendous success in the revival of her career after she started appearing in the TV series. There has been talk of her joining another TV show, or starring in a spin off. In the mean time, Williams is keeping mum, until the right time comes for her PR to release the news.

What is the meaning of the name Vanessa?
The name Vanessa in Greek stands for butterfly. Vanessa is as graceful as a butterfly. Vanessa, in Latin, means of Venus, of famous bearers. Clearly Vanessa denotes inheritance of fame. Vanessa is associated with the Soul Urge number of 7. This name defines the person as having inner calm, a desire to comprehend events, analyze society on the bigger scale, and discover the truths between individual and society. Vanessa is linked to the expression number 9. Vanessa is destined to be passionate, merciful, instinctive, loving and attractive. Vanessa has the attributes of being a warm, human person who is generous. She has a broadminded perspective and is likely to work in jobs that are connected to serving mankind for the common good of all. As Vanessa denotes good-hearted qualities, the nature of this woman makes her susceptible to being taken advantage of. Vanessa’s romantic inclinations make induce her to fall in love easily. She is vulnerable to hurt for making quick decisions. Vanessa may have the fault of being fiery in temper, becoming quick tempered. This side of her personality is seldom seen as her other traits are more dominant.

Updated July 16 2014 – Vanessa Williams spoke on Oprah’s Master Class to give a frank insight into her personal life. Williams related a childhood anecdote that shaped her adult personality. She said she was visiting a friend’s family home when she was sexually molested by a female teenager. Williams was 10 years old and the older girl was a family friend of her friend. The female teenager was also sleeping over at the same home in California and set upon Vanessa. She performed an oral sex act. Vanessa said she thought the event was not permitted but couldn’t tell her father when she returned from her trip. Mr Williams’ brother had died and he was already disturbed by his personal tragedy. Vanessa said her early encounter with female teen oral sex changed her life. She became sexually aware, promiscuous or curious about sexuality. Vanessa Williams grew up before her time.

Book “You have No Idea” by Vanessa Williams and Helen Williams.
Vanessa Williams is a survivor. She faced many difficulties but have surmounted them. She has staying power. She teamed up with her mother to write an autobiography of her life. “You have No Idea” is the title to tell readers how much they struggled through behind the scenes. A door that shuts in the face is an opportunity to explore how to overcome that problem.

Vanessa Williams sexy racy controversial

Vanessa Williams Vanessa Williams in a purple dress.

Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams in a blue dress.

Vanessa Williams 1984
Racial discrimination will always be present lurking in the shadows. Education, laws, enforced social acceptance and whatever measures cannot force the heart to accept what the individual perceives as different standards. Color is repulsive to those who are unable to be re-schooled to live together in harmony and equality. Personal choice and preference cannot be forced. Why is my favorite color blue and not pink? How do I explain it? It is in my genes, my perception of nice, and summation of how my brain processed data to tell me I prefer blue instead of pink. Likewise, an individual’s personal acceptance of race is deeply personal and unique. While personal like or dislike cannot be forced, there is the open call for equality and justice for people of all colors.

Restorative Practices
Vanessa Williams subscribes to the philosophy of Restorative Practices. When something gets you down, find alternatives to help you stay afloat. She lost her beauty contest crown but she used her fame to get other opportunities. Life was unfair at that instant, but Vanessa saw many windows of opportunities opening.

Vanessa Williams was one of the first early New Yorkers to take the crown for Miss America. After her, there were several more beauty contestants from New York who reigned over America. Miss New York has been crowned as Miss America 2015 again. Kira Kazantsev is the third consecutive bbeauty queen from New York, to be crowned Miss America. In 2013, New Yorker Mallory Hagan was Miss American. In 2014, New Yorker Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America 2014.

Vanessa Williams Penthouse

Sep 27 2014 – Vanessa Williams is engaged to Jim Skrip. Vanessa reserved her best surprise for Queen Latifah, when she was invited as a guest, on the Friday, September 26 2014 show. Queen Latifah asked her about that diamond ring and Vanessa, 51, announced it during the taping. The rest of America will view the show on Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014. Jim Skrip is based in New York. They met during a trip to Egypt, in 2012. Vanessa Williams was formerly married to Rick Fox, a basketball player. They divorced in 2004. Before Rick Fox, Vanessa was married to Ramon Hervey, from 1987 to 1997. Vanessa has four children; Sasha, Jillian, Devin and Melanie.

Vanessa Williams fiance

Vanessa Williams sexy

We’ll update more about Vanessa Williams when her news becomes available.

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