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May 062010

Vanessa Jackson starved kids Bruce Jackson, 19, Tre Shawn Jackson, 14, Terrell Jackson, 10, and Michael Jackson, 9, in October 2003. Vanessa Jackson starved her adopted kids for years but told everyone they suffered from a growth disorder.

Vanessa Jackson and her husband Raymond Jackson lived in New Jersey and starved all of their kids. Initially, the Jacksons were foster parents to 4 kids but they later adopted them. The kids were abused and starved. They were isolated, kept at home and had no one to turn to.

One morning, Bruce Jackson was so hungry he rummaged through a neighbor’s garbage, looking for food. The neighbor called police, who then learned the truth about Vanessa Jackson starving her kids.

Vanessa Jackson and her husband, Raymond Jackson, were arrested and charged with 28 counts of child endangerment and aggravated assault.

Vanessa Jackson starved kids video link.

Tre Shawn Jackson, Terrell Jackson, Michael Jackson

Tre Shawn Jackson, Terrell Jackson, Michael Jackson

Bruce Jackson, Tre Shawn Jackson, Terrell Jackson, Michael Jackson

Tre Shawn Jackson, Terrell Jackson, Michael Jackson

There are stories behind the Jackson children. Vanessa and Raymond Jackson denied starving the children. They had other kids in the house who were well fed. The Jacksons took in a total of 35 kids in several years. They had money from the state for the kids but they were not rich from profiteering from the welfare. There was at least one period that their home’s power and utilities were cut because of unpaid bills.

Bruce Jackson had a rumination habit where he would regurgitate his food, rechew the acidic contents and swallow them.

Michael Jackson and some of the other children copied the rumination behavior. The kids had rotten teeth because of the constant rumination.

The children in the Jackson home told conflicting stories about their meals. When questioned, they would say they had good meals.

Raymond Jackson said Bruce had emotional and psychological problems which may have led to him accusing his adoptive parents of starving him and his brothers.

In 2006, Vanessa Jackson was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Raymond Jackson died in 2004 and his cause of death was due to a stroke. Raymond Jackson was also charged but he passed away before he could stand trial.

Vanessa Jackson served 4 years in prison and was released in February 2010.

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  8 Responses to “Vanessa Jackson & Raymond Jackson starved kids: Jackson starved kids (photo/ video)”

  1. Does anyone know what has happened to Bruce?

    Do hope these boys all recover and ge to lead wonderful lives!

    As for Taylor, her day will come, and I hope the world see’s it. what a terrible piece of trash.

    How did the congregation of the church not see this happening, jumpers do not hide face and hands of starving children.

    This women has/had other children! Where are they, hopefully not with her.

  2. I’m happy that they got out of the situation and became strong and healthy.I would like to know what happened to the oldest brother? Why don’t they say much about him and show very little of him?


  3. My bad I didn’t see the bottom half of the article… 7 years and only served 4 years… Makes me sick !!!

  4. This story sickens me, It’s so sad to see children getting missstreated. My heart breaks for any abused children, I’m so glad someone found out this was happening. 4 less abused kids out there. You boys r so strong !!! -xxxx- Why is it that drug smuglers get 20-life but this THING ! only got, was it 4 years ?? and only served 2 years, correct me if I’m wrong coz I really can’t remember. Ridiculous & so sad… She should have gotten life and no protective custody, it makes me so effing angry, I can not understand how anyone could do this to any child, adopted or not adopted !!!!

  5. sick, sick, sick, sick. Can we please put vanessa in a room for one month with nothing but a loaf of bread, running water and a huuuge fridge loaded with everything a hungry heart could desire and put a giant lock on it??? Then could we live stream it online? I’d enjoy watching for one month her feel the way she made those boys feel for TEN YEARS!!!!!!!! … It’s okay. She will have her day of reckoning.

  6. I agree, the boys look great. Vanessa should be in jail for AT LEAST the same time as she starved those kids, and be treated the same way. 4 years is NOTHING.

  7. this is a load of BUNK. The author of this article is either ignorant or has an agenda. These boys were clearly abused and starved. How shameful to blame the children. Whether or not they had eating disorders is not the point; their appearance and behavior is due to neglect on the parents part. Children, and abused children in particular will give conflicting accounts of information. Remember that these boys were threatened,and abused children will lie to protect themselves.

  8. Boys you look great

    She should still be in jail. She should be there until her last days.

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