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Apr 172008

Uma Thurman wore a fantastic see through dress. It was a black Valentino gown at Swarovski Fashion Rocks. She was the hostess of the program. That was really bold. This was in Oct 2007.

Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman’s translucent dress/ Uma Thurman’s see thru dress.

Uma Thurman gossip items:

September 11 2010 – Thuman’s business manager, Kenneth Starr, has been arrested for fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud by misleading advice. Thurman discovered Starr had misappropriated $1 million of her money and sounded the alarm on Starr. She helped launch the investigation on Starr and eventually investigators found he had cheated $50 million from his clients’ money.

July 7 2010 – Busson was out with Thurman when they bumped into Elle Macpherson, his ex.

March 27 2010 – Thurman’s ex, Andre Balaza, has started dating Courtney love, the singer.

Jan 20 2010 – Thurman and Arpa Busson rekindled their love and dated at a park in New York. The love birds were caught on camera, during a make out session. Thurman had accepted Busson’s proposal in June 2008, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing for them.

Dec 26 2009 – Thurman allegedly broke off her engagement to Busson because she wanted to re-consider the direction her life was heading after her good friends died. Thurman was said to be deeply affected by the deaths of Natasha Richardson and David Carradine.

September 8 2009 – Thurman abruptly boke off her engagement to the rich businessman Busson.

April 15 2009 – Thurman was signed on as the new face of Givenchy perfume.

Oct 18 2008 – Thurman showed how game she was to ride a Vespa scooter. Thurman has been a supporter of the green movement and when she drove around in a scooter, she was showing a good example.

Sep 8 2008 – Thurman started buying up maternity dresses because she was expecting or fat. In August, Thurman and Bussoin had enjoyed a vacation in Italy and perhaps some development had occurred.

July 15 2008 – Thurman was seen in Corsica carrying excess baggage around her abdomen. Rumors speculated about a possible pregnancy but nothing came out of those rumors.

July 10 2008 – Thurman should be a happy bride in waiting, but her friends claimed she exhibited no such joy. Thurman seemed to be dodged by the shadows from her former marriage to Ethan Hawke.

July 2 2008 – Busson had thrown an engagement party to celebrate the joyful occasion with his friends and relations.

May 7 2008 – Uma Thurman is relieved after the New York City court convicted Jack Jordan of stalking her. Jack Jordan was an ex psychiatric patient who persistently harassed and stalked Thurman for 3 years. Thurman testified against Jordan in court and said she was freaked out by his actions.

Sep 17 2007 – Thurman broke off her engagement to Busson.

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