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Oct 232011

Jamie Spaniolo, Paul Methric, Chris Rouleau were all arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana. Spaniolo, Methric and Rouleau are all rappers, who are touring with the band, the Insane Clown Posse.

Spanioloa and Methric are two partners in their duo band called Twiztid. They are a rapper duo. Rouleau is a rapper who performs using the stage name Blaze.

In additional to the charges on possession of weed, they were also charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphenalia. Police smelled weed outside their tour bus. When they boarded the bus and conducted a search, they found 110.6 g of Mary-Jane. The musicians were arrested in Tampa, Florida.

After they were booked into jail and processed, they weer allowed to post bail. On Sunday, Oct 23, 2011, they were released. Twiztid and Blaze may be able to continue touring in Richmond, Virginia and New York City on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

The Rappers claimed they were innocent. They said they were set up and framed to take the fall.

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