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Nov 172008

Betty Hayes and her husband Eric Hayes have 10 children – twins, twins and sextuplets. The Hayes children have ages ranging from 12, 10 and 4. Betty Hayes and Eric Hayes were featured in a special one hour pilot called, “Twins, Twins and Sextuplets”, on The Learning Channel, Mon. night, Nov. 17. There is a photo and story on the Hayes’ Twins, Twins and Sextuplets at the link.

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  1. I am pleased to hear that the Hayes family are all ok and that Rebecca recuperated well from her surgery. My daughter has a disability and as a little girl had surgery for scoliocis and eve though she recovered well it was a very stressful time and I only had 3 kids to deal with. Here is Oz we have not seen the Hayes family anymore, do not watch J & K, Rollofs, Mache’s or Duggars as they are all so so boring and false, the Hayes family at least love each other and it shows right through the family, including the grandparents, are they off screen now because of the invasion of their privacy. I would watch them any day.

  2. Eric and Betty, I love your show. Why was it cancel. I want to you all. Not Kate the @#@%!. You and Betty are great together and I love your kids. How are you all doing. Good luck to all.

  3. I really like what I am seeing on Table For 12. Eric Hayes has a job, and he spends his off time making home repairs and spending time with his wife and children. Betty is so loving and kind to all of the children. Rebecca is absolutely adorable. On the episode where the sextuplets were taking swim lessons, even though she was concerned, she still backed off and let the children have their space with the instructors. This family does everyday activities like and average American family does.I am a real fan of this wonderful down to earth family. They all show love and respect for each other.What a breath of fresh air. It has restored my faith somewhat in TLC. I feel like I know the Duggars somewhat because I live within five miles of the Bates family, and have met the Duggars. They are exactly as they are on the show. Their beautiful daughters are so sweet and kind. I cannot see these families changing. They had a strong family unit and strong moral ties before TLC, and they will continue to be real.I really do feel they will.

  4. The Duggar family is comparable to the Gosselins in which they DO take handouts. TLC is paying for all those trips that any of those families take. The Duggars, Gosselins, Hayes family, even the Roloffs from Little People, Big World. I don’t watch 18 Kids very much because sadly, they creep me out. They are in fact very similar to a cult. What they call it is the “Quiverfull Movement.” Look it up online and you will see the Duggar family name and a pretty accurate discription of what the Duggar family values really are. I still love watching the Hayes family. They are truly the most realistic and down to earth family on TLC. They don’t sugarcoat their parenting methods, they don’t feel like they have to have everything perfect all the time. They are just real. I hope they stay that way.

  5. What a nice family. Betty and Eric are easy going, normal family values. It’s a pleasure to watch them. But they’re like any other reality show.
    However, nothing like watching Kate and Jon arguing or Kate insulting Jon. That’s part of the show that was exciting other than the cute kids.
    TLC has hired Kate for a new show in the spring, but not sure if the kids will be with her. But TLC said that Jon will have a few walk on’s, so I would imagine that Kate will have the kids in the show.
    So many people dislike Kate, but you have to give her credit for what she’s done. She’s smart and believe it or not, she truely cares about her children and their needs for the future. Jon is so mixed up and I blame him for not standing up to Kate. He made a big mistake by running around with a college girl and it back fired on him. He jumped right into a fire again with the girl from Star and then Hailey. Jon has a lot of walk on’s right now but when will it stop. He has a big nut to crack with 8 children and a morgage.
    I don’t blame them for taking anything that was given to them, that’s part of the business and you would have to be a feel not to accept gifts, trips and anything that educates your children.
    I ablsoutely don’t like 18 kids and counting or maybe I should say, Jim Bob, who is two faced. Won’t let the family watch TV because of \their family values\, yet he is eager to accept the $$$ TLC is giving him for a TV show. Won’t let the kids dance or listen to music other than relious music. Said that rock n roll is bad and you will go to hell and what’s with the girls wearing skirts down to their ankles. Rediculous!!!!
    But if you will notice, they have every electronic device that’s out. He reminds me of being a cult leader and not a good one.

  6. anyone leaves a comment on here that says that “Jon and Kate pay for all their stuff and do not accept donations” is on CRACK! Everything they have has been donated by sponsors of the show. All to comment 36, yes……they ALL were products of fertility drugs.

  7. Did either of these families the Gosselin or Hayes have these children using fertility drugs?

  8. I personally don’t like Jon & Kate Plus 8 or Table for 12. I think that using fertility treatments is fine, but only if you know that you have the means to support those children. It’s always a possibility to have that many children. Honestly, I think that 18 Kids and Counting is better than either of those shows. They may have a litter of children, but Jim Bob and Michelle have never taken hand-outs and can support their children and raise them to be productive and responsible citizens in the world.

  9. Be careful before you start comparing the Gosselins to another couple with many children, like the Hayes or the Duggers.

    Those families had 10+ years of marriage and parenting experience prior to going on television. We also never saw their children as infants or young preschoolers. The story may have been very different then.

    The Gosselins are far from perfect. Their girls were born within the first 2 years of their marraige. Then then 6 came 2 years later. Fertility treatments are very stressful. Given that Kate was diagnosed with PCOS, it was prudent to start treatments early to increase their chances of having biological children. No one expects to conceive 7 babies from a treatment that only resulted in twins before.

    You can see that they stuck together mainly because of the stresses of bedrest and raising multiples. Now that they are in good financial shape and the children are all in school, they have been forced to deal with the shortcomings in their marriage.

    It has been heartbreaking to watch. Kate seems to have realized her shortcomings and hopefully Jon will get himself together.

    In the meantime, I enjoy watching other families and the way they deal with their large families on a daily basis.

  10. I enjoyed watching the Hayes family because of all the joy that I see in their home and although they have 10 kids they still remain joy full and loving!All though I am just a child,I have also watched Jon and Kate Plus 8.I did enjoy watching the Gosselins,but I had to stop for a while because of all the negativity.There was just too much yelling and screaming and contrevercey.I am a very calm person and the Gosselins are just too much.On the brighter side though,I love the relationship between the children of the Hayes family{especially the relationship betweeen Kyle and Rebecca!

  11. What a wonderful family. Where parents are down to earth, and have a loving relationship. I am a child of divorce, so it is nice to see a happily married couple with traditional values. I hope the show stays down to earth and that they remember that ‘family stays first.’

  12. Jon and Kate was a good show except for Kate emasculating Jon every chance she got. Their kids are turning out to be disrespectful brats, especially that twin, Mady. She needs a good hard swat across her backside. CARA is an angel.

    The Hayes are, in my opinion, better able to raise their kids properly.

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