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Dec 202008

Troy Kell, a convicted murderer, was an inmate of Utah Corrections Department’s Gunnison facility. Kell became a white supremacist in prison. One day, on July 6, 1994, he stabbed a black inmate, Lonnie Blackman, because Kell had a race related issue with him. Lonnie Blackman died.

Troy Kell was helped by his accomplice, Eric Daniels, who held Lonnie Blackmon down while Kell stabbed at him.

Troy Kell is now on death row.

Troy Kell wiki.

Troy Kell story video link. Warning – some graphic content when the taping of the stabbing happens.

Troy Kell photo.

“Gladiator Days: Anatomy of a Prison Murder.” Movie about Troy Kell.

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  1. The one on the left looks more femine.

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