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Mar 082009

Travis Alexander, 29, was found dead in his home on June 9, 2008. Alexander was stabbed around 27 times and shot in the head. Alexander was found in the shower of his home in Mesa. The story of Travis Alexander was featured in “48 Hours Mystery”.

Travis Alexander’s girlfriend, Jodi Arias, 30, was accused of murdering him. Arias was arrested by police in California. Arias was charged with first degree murder. Arias claimed she was innocent.

Travis Alexander’s digital camera was dumped into the wash. Police were able to retrieve images from its memory card. There were images of Arias naked on Alexander’s bed. There were photos of Alexander in the shower and finally of his blood stained body in the shower. Police found a left hand print on a wall, which they said contained Arias’ DNA.

Arias will appear in Maricopa County Superior Court on March 25, 2009.

Updated June 23 2009

Jodi Arias is sometimes identified as Jody Arias or Jodi Ann Arias. Travis Alexander was born to parents who were addicts of crystal meth. Alexander’s grandmother rescued him and his 6 siblings. Alexander was raised up in the Mormon faith. Alexander became a salesperson for PPL, to sell legal insurance to customers who have no budget for lawyers.

Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias met on Feb 2, 2007. They started dating. Arias eventually broke up with Alexander but they continued to talk and see each other. On that fateful day, June 4, 2008, Arias met Alexander and the digital camera’s memory card contained the evidence with the date stamped on the images.

Alexander’s home contained DNA from Arias. There were Arias’ fingerprints, blood and hair.

Arias claimed they were attacked by two masked intruders. Arias claimed one of them stabbed Alexander while she managed to flee in her car. Arias did not get help for Alexander because she claimed he was alive when she left him.

One possible motive for killing Alexander was because of jealousy. A source said Arias was obsessed with Alexander and she couldn’t move on after their split.

Jodi Arias’ trial will commence in 2010.

CBS has the complete story and photos on Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias.

Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias, Part 1.

Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias, Part 2. Includes photos of Alexander & Arias.

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  20 Responses to “Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias: Did Arias kill Alexander? (photos)”

  1. OMG! Guilty. It’s so simple. I understand she’s cute and fluffy, but did you guys ever see the killer bunny scene in Monty Python’s and the Holy Grail??? Well, that’s this woman.

  2. Maybe she shot with one hand?

  3. Honestly I think she is guilty, the fact that she just ran and left him there, someone who she was supposed to love. She goes and drives to the desert because she is in shock, but she is out of shock when she went to meet her new boyfriend and had her fun while Travis was lying dead in a shower; and never gave Travis a 2nd thought. The cops come to arrest her and she is thinking about her make up, what was she going on a photo shoot. I honestly do not belive that Jody was not involved in this murder some how some way.

  4. Who’s to say she didnt torture the poor guy && dragg him around the house && then finally shot him in the shower? That would account for the “no residue in the bloody hand print”. How quick are we to say she is innocent when its almost always seen that crimes of passion can be very brutal- lets just say it- the b***h snapped. I can understand a i survived- i ran a way- they couldnt catch me- ok… I can understand shock- if it would have happened the way she said, it would have been traumatic- driving to the desert- fine.. gather your thoughts… but u got in your car, drove away, and went to spend a romantic time w the new bf. really?!? WTF has happened to common sence?- i say.. EVEN IF SHE DIDNT PULL THE TRIGGER, SHE WAS THERE && SHE WAS INVOLVED- SHE KNOWS SOMETHING… && really quick- how many of you stop and think about ur purse while someones pointing a gun at ur face?? Dumb bimbo

  5. This chic is so painfully guilty. Her friend just got brutally murdered, but the intruders decided it would be ok for her to run free, and still have time to grab her purse on the way out.. Really??? Just too stupid. She couldnt even look at the camera the entire time during giving her interview on 48 hours because she knows shes a dumb azz. Quiet, sweet, well spoken… hmmmm.. sounds like a complete psycho to me. This girl had it bad, and she is sick.

  6. If she “had to get rid of the gun residue,” then, how did she wash out the gunpowder, and still have combined blood with which to leave a handprint, on the wall? And, if, she’s so shrewd, why did she leave the hand print on the wall, leave the camera, do the laundry, as if, who cares if the room mate drops by, at any time…? Edgrrr…

  7. Youse guys are certifiable; making such a rush to judgement. A consolidation of all the blogsites, regarding this Arias Bias, would prove to even you, that reasonable doubt, gallops all over this soap opera, and, your venom, is going to bite you right where you sit down; on your brains. No gun powder residue in the combined blood handprint, proves she never fired a gun. There’s a heads up for all you armchair quarterbacks… The other blogsites have more, to, allay your guilt in such prejudicial, antics at law… Edgrrr…

  8. It is very obvious that she killed him. She was the last person to see him, as proven by pictures she took. And first she says she hasn’t seen him in weeks and ALL of A SUDDEN she says she was with him when two people came in and attacked them. So she ran out and drove of!!!! REALLY!!!??? You are seeing the man you love being killed and all you do is drive off and continue living your life like nothing happened!!!??? And the funny thing is she doesn’t know why she didn’t call 911 and why she didn’t tell anyone. She’s a murderer and the worst liar ever. Yeah of course she didn’t call 911, she had to get rid if all the blood she had and gun residue ! Hope she goest to jail for the rest of her life for killing an innocent person.

  9. There are several elements of this case that have been made public that substantiates the innocence of this woman. Beginning with the lack of gunshot residue in the blood sample.

    To kill a man with so many stabs, slicing the throat in the manner it was done AND administering a bullet shot to the skull would have taken at least one individual capable and experienced in such an assault. Someone who has spent a large part of their life thinking and training to kill in this manner. Even if this was a sloppy and hasty job of assassination, to kill in this way with slightest success would take at least one individual with experience in both thought and physical deed to commit this. This woman has no such experience or skill to carry this out.

    As well, it is being implied that she posed the victim for photographs, and after all this planning that would have been required, including the murder, lost the camera memory card in a single blanket that she placed into a washing machine in the same building the murder is believed to have been committed in.

    Fool me once.

    Until this point she could be saying, remembering and forgetting anything, either on her own or through her lawyer, because she’s scared and has had the most traumatic explosion in her life collapse on her and collapse her own life with it.

    Her owning her own gun at some point in her life is as common as a woman owning mace or a taser or a stick impact weapon or a knife.

    The victim had quite a self-building ego and reputation that he nurtured with the help of very similar minded friends. His friends apparently removed several pictures from the victims MySpace social network site account in a very hasty rush after the victims murder became public knowledge. Why are his apparent friends so hasty to incriminate someone they were not previously worried about protecting him against? What single friend or friends or relations can this question be focused upon? What would be their real business with the victim to cause them to do this, and what was the victims real business concerning them?

    Fool me twice.

    When these questions, and the others that must be investigated, are thoroughly and plausibly answered then a credible and substantial legal case can be made.

  10. There’s no way that this woman, Jodi Ann Arias, is guilty of this. There are far too many elements of this case that have not been investigated and accusing the nearest person to the victim is the sloppiest and most dangerous tact for reaching a verdict. Having DNA present and personal photos does not make anyone guilty and solve a case. Turning this into a lazy investigation and convicting the innocent will rebound on those responsible for the verdict. This is not the kind of case this should become. There’s a real perpetrator or perpetrators out there that need to get arrested and convicted and that’s what we need to focus our resources on doing right now before the unforgivable is allowed to happen and the retaliatory measures begin.

  11. Shes guilty. Just watch the news interview you can see it in her eyes. Plus she originally said she wasn’t there at all then said she was there and two guys killed him and she escaped! But didn’t report it cuz “he was alive when I left” ??? It was 5 days later when his body was found. And as for her over powering Travis thats not hard to imagine, knowing Travis (which I did) She was probably invited in. I’ve told enough lies to know that changing your story as drastically as she did is evidence enough to know she did this. Let alone ALL the other PROOF surrounding this case. I hope she rots in a butch dike max security prison for life! R.I.P Travis…

  12. What kind of logic leads to this wingbat’s innocence? Anyone who thinks this chick didn’t do it is way too dumb to be allowed to live.

  13. Let her off – she is cute!

  14. edgar, give it up already.

  15. I just typed for hours, establishing more reasonable doubt than the Gestapo can handle, and, it never appeared. Read all the other blogsites, about this, and, you’ll see that Jodi, is, collateral damage, and, proof of that, gallops… Edgrrr… Stalag Skew, Ahnolds’ Gulag, Kali Fornia…

  16. Of course, the minor technicality; that the combined blood, handprint, with, forensics proof, of no gunpowder residue in the blood, proves, that Jodi did not fire a gun; makes no matter to those of you whose tiny little minds are made up, so, why, be confused with the fact that, no doubt, the allegation of her firing a gun, gave her the edge in overpowering the avowed, bodybuilder, and, was the erroneous basis for the interstate kidnapping at law, of, this States’ citizen, who’s been held for more than a year, by, a punitive, two million dollar ransom, under color of law. Has either Governor, who was duped by the allegations, into the conspiracy of their simplemindedness, called the Gestapo, on their, lies at law, to, unwind this fraud, against, us all, by, these governors, obeying the law, they took an oath to uphold, and, forcing the exoneration, or, demanding a trial on the demerits, of, the excuse, fraudulently claimed by the zealots at law, who, claimed to have forensics proof that she did it, while concealing the lack of gunpowder residue, to the court and governors, yet, held a community meeting, because, of fear that a murderer was on the loose; while their coming perjury [to the system], had Jodi already named as the perpetrator; all the while perjuring the record by claiming to the governors and various braindead judges, that she did it; while their antics at law, constitute, at the least, reasonable, doubt… and, that they made no mention of their back up plan soap opera, that they had already named their victim, and, never even mentioned her name in the community meeting, wherein they were claiming to allay the communitys’ fears of a possible killer, on the loose….under color of law, in the community meeting, “to allay the fears of the community,” as they claim they never mentioned her name; what then did they talk about; “we’ll close all the donut shops until we solve this case…” and, a trial, if need be,suppressing, the “evidence,” grown by the pressure of inflicting their antics upon their chosen victim…who’s extorted words are now to be used against her. Has public opinion not at least, indicated that her disjointed emotions, and contradictory, explanations, indicate, a few missing paragraphs in her makeup ? How much of that, police pressure; they know all the tricks; has made her the victim, any less than a perpetrator… and, what, police tactics, have extorted through pain and fear, her denial of her own rights against self incrimination, while, babbling, a variety of scenarios, trying to make heads or tails out of these issues, at law…? What do you suppose the police are now concealing, after more than a year, that constitutes, reasonable doubt, and, sets them up for a collossal damage suit, if they don’t make her guilty…??? If you have any delusions about the honesty of your Gestapo, consider this case law: “While police officers can lie with impunity, they, therefore, do not make, credible, witnesses.” And, how many home invasion robberies have been occuring in the same town or and neighborhood, before, during and after Jodis’ visit? The law is clear enough; “That which is wrong from the beginning, stays wrong.” Would the governors have agreed to seek and grant extradition, if, no gunpowder residue in the bloody handprint was admitted by the Gestapo? Why wasn’t there any gunpowder, proving that she fired a gun, because, she washed her hands; then, how, if so, did she have a bloody, combined blood handprint with which to autograph the wall…? And, how is it that home invasion robbers would ignore ripping off the contents of her out of State car, before entering the house…? And, she carried a gun, for protection; Where, but in her car…seems to me she was worth protecting; travelling the highways alone at night; yet, rumor has it that the gun she carried, now gone, was of a different caliber… and, I say, rumor, due to the Gestapo/newspaper concealment of the facts, which at least should disclose the allegations made to get several braindead judges and two simpleminded governors to agree that there was enough evidence to constitute, probable cause; while concealing from the public with a right to know, exactly what the Gestapo, claimed was reason enough to believe she did it; clear enough at the time of perjuring the record, or, concealing from us all, the facts, which motive seems all too clear, now; that, the facts can be modified any time they don’t correllate enought to suit the extortionary, aptly named CRIMINAL justice, cabal, AT law, so as to keep their soap operas afloat… Did the Gestapo perjure the record; it seems like their contradictory antics at law proves that they did. So, why aren’t the governors, hanging these stormtroopers up by their thumbs…??? How much is a year of your life worth, and, the pain of all she has endured??? And, her friends and family…??? Add to this authoritative fraud, the fact that the system has pitted their best prosecutor against her, while giving her an idiot, for a public pretender, who’s denied her the right to aid in her own defense, and, now, over a year of lie-yer indolence at law, has quit; leaving her at the mercy of no competent and effective legal representation; despite her belonging to a church,full,of lie-yers… Has the Gestapo, found the gun, that, was the “wrong,” caliber [so rumored], being passed around, possibly by home and car invaders; have they offered a reward, and, didn’t they get the serial number and description from the grandfather; or, isn’t it a fact that finding the gun in someones’ hands, proves two things: the wrong caliber, proving that the home invaders carried another gun, with which to use on the first victim, and that, Jodi, not only didn’t fire a gun, see forensics, and it wasn’t even the “right,” caliber…??? Do you philosophers at law, get it, yet; it’s called reasonable doubt, and if being an “ex girlfriend,” constitutes, probable cause, then, pray tell, where was the current squeeze, all packed, waiting to accompany the first victim, to Cancun, while he was relapsing, at, an interim honeymoon, with a previous, usee, considering that none of the usees was in fact worthy of his highness, who, so weak as he was, just used them, and, felt such remorse, for his weakness… whatwith, statements that he was a “player,” while he claimed to be a devout Mormon, saving his virginity for marriage. I suppose that’s where Bill, got the idea that “I did not have sex with that woman;” as these usees are not counted as real people; just something to practice Motivational Guru schemes on… I think the real question here is, who, is the victim, and, what would Travis say today, if, he could… “I brought this all on myself, and, was warned by those in the church…???” I think that the Gestapo, as well as the judges are in the pockets of any voter bloc, and, are willing to evade the law to please them; case in point: Mormon D.A. Yreka…. cops bust a car bomber, with enough explosives to start a war, and, he confesses, that he was “on a mission” [That has a quasireligious ring to it], to kill someone, and, commit suicide… not long after Steven Alexander, made a death threat over the internet. Was there an arrest, for that threat, and, has the unibomber, had his brain picked, to establish, whom he was “ON A MISSION,” for, and why he was going to commit suicide, after doing that…??? There’s much more than meets the eye, over all of this; Jodi, is collateral damage, and, the methodical character assassination, has motive, inconsistent with the facts, and denotes a coverup, for whomever stands to gain, by letting her flounder, without a lieyer, while “her” certain “religious,” cabal, has a thousand of them; yet, offers no help; the organized crime at law system, conceals all the facts, so they may be twisted at any time, and, the news and blogsite blackouts, continue to aid and abet, yet, the donothing governors, don’t follow up on the allegations for which they became dupes of these criminals with badges…. Publish exactly what the Gestapo has done, in this “case.” Publish the story of anyone else who’s been victimized by organized crime at law, to see how it is no less rational to realize that these crooks don’t care who they victimize, as long as they look good. So, is it all still secret, despite, all the guys who claim to be privy to confidential, police evidence, or, are these guys simply ringer shills of the Gestapo, and, there is no such evidence, except what the Gestapo, is concealing, that proves she isn’t guilty ? What motive does anyone have to have done this; why would Jodi, have done it; when she easily had him under control, and why aren’t all the other usees; for which the devout religionist, was saving his virginity, for marriage that didn’t count, either; considered to be perpetrators, also…??? Reasonable doubt sure points to a frameup, for wich your indolent Gestapos refuse to get involved, because of quasireligious overtones. Maybe all these criminals at law should pray before they aid and abet the delusions of how they think they appear to the world… By their deeds, ye shall know them; a thousand lieyers, yet not one finger lifted to save an innocent girl, from the crimes of their own ignorant doctrines; ie, when our gurus speak,the thinking has already been done… Enough said, for the moment. Reasonable doubt should be staring any juror in the face….and, why the news blackout on the Yreka unibomber, and its’ connection to Steven Alexanders’ death threat, and the Gestapos’ failure to arrest him, or, to tie these actions together; why, the words, “I’m on a mission, to kill someone, and, commit suicide…??? And, why is an LDS prosecutor, not doing the job, he took an oath to do…??? Edgrrr… Stalag Skew, Y-RICO, Ahnolds’ Gulag, Kali Fornia……

  17. Y,all will see who is responsidle at the trial in the spring, the evidence leads to one person and only one!!

  18. Randall, you are an idiot. What a ridiculous thing to say, you MORON. Free Jodi Arias, she is INNOCENT.

  19. I think it was her Sister , her sister did’nt like Travis

  20. I don’t think she did it! I think it was someone from his family or church framing her!!!

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