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Sep 022008

There is a rumor on Track Palin’s birthday. Sarah Heath eloped with Todd Palin on August 29, 1988.

Track Palin born 1989, is now a soldier with the US National Guard. He was named Track because his parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, loved the track sports. In September 2008, the National Enquirer claimed Track Palin was a drug addict. Track is a staunch supporter of his mother Sarah. Track tried to persuade her to change her decision to resign as the Governor of Alaska. However, Sarah Plain had made up her mind. Track’s good friend, Ben Barber, once dated his sister Bristol Palin, and last saw her around April/May 2010. Barber was disappointed when Bristol left him and re-dated Levi Johnston. Barber said that Track Palin called his sister a 4 letter word when they discussed about her change of heart.

When was the Palin eldest son born? The official wikipedia page has tactfully omitted the birthday. When Sarah Palin’s nomination was announced, some sources stated Track Palin as being 18, some said Track Palin was 19. As of today, Sept. 1, 2008, almost all websites with new posts state Track Palin as being 19. So, if Todd Palin married Sarah Palin on Aug 29, 1988, then Track Palin may have been conceived almost immediately to be born in time for his age to be listed as 18 – 19 in 2008. The rumor started because the birthdate was known to be in April 20, 1989. An old traffic offence record from a speeding ticket on Track CJ Palin stated his birthdate as April 20 1989.

Some websites wrote that Track Palin was born less than eight months after the wedding. However, a baby may be born prematurely. Track Palin was born in April 20, 1989. Let’s give the Palins the benefit of the doubt. Track could have been a premature baby, born prematurely when he was 7 months, 21 days old. (give and take 1 day because the exact hours were not calculated)

Bristol Palin conceived a baby out of wedlock. The rumors said there was a trend.

Don’t believe all the bad press you read about Sarah Palin. In recordings when Palin was unaware she was being taped, she has shown herself to be gracious, tactful and hospitable.

The Palins’ marriage has been constantly dodged by rumors of divorce. Recently, Sarah recounted an anecdote where Todd said he heard about their allegedly divorce settlement for $11 million. He joked to Sarah, saying he wanted that $11 million check!

TLC filmed 8 episodes for the first season of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. The premiere drew in 5.1 million viewers and showed her popularity.

Updated July 22 2011 – Track Palin’s wife, Britta Hanson, is pregnant with their firstborn. Hanson and Palin were married 2 months ago but her latest picture showed her having a bigger baby bump.

Updated May 19 2011

Track Palin is married to Britta Hanson. Sarah Palin announced her eldest son, Track Palin, 22, married his high school sweetheart Britta Hanson, 21. in a private and small ceremony in Alaska. Track and Britta are having a proper wedding reception at the Alyeska Ski Resort in Alaska, in winter 2011. The delayed wedding celebration is to allow the Palin and Hanson extended families to be able to travel during the holiday season. The Palin and Hanson relatives will have a ski holiday and wedding celebration in winter 2011.

The bride, bridegroom and relatives are going to enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowmachining and hiking.

Britta Hanson is currently a student studying nursing in the University of Alaska. Britta’s parents are Reverend Duane Hanson and Elizabeth Hanson.

Track Palin is home in Alaska, He served one year in Iraq, under the Army’s Fort Wainwright Stryker Brigade. Track is presently an Army Reservist. He wants to continue his studies in the University of Alaska.

Palin married Hanson at Hatcher’s Pass, in Alaska. They were all dressed in jeans.

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  58 Responses to “Track Palin birthday: Sarah Palin’s son conceived out of wedlock?”

  1. The fact that it would prove (for the upteenth time) that Palin is a lying pseudo-Christian family-values hypocrite is the only interest I have in Track’s birth record.

  2. hmmm, our dear lord was also born out of wedlock, was he not?

  3. Lorie you are a racist bigoted lemming that believes everything you are told from your narrow minded republican conspiracy theorists. PRESIDENT Obama has never been muslim…never been proven to be muslim…never had a record with any factual evidence showing he is or was…that is down right mud slinging just because of his name. I don’t think Sarah Palin is a bad person…an idiot, hypocrite and completely devoid of ever seeing anything from anyone else point of view. McCain would have been fine as President because he loves the contry, but also because he can admit when he is wrong and reach across the isle to try to work things out for the bettering of our country…I voted for Obama…oh and for the record i dont think it matters if Palin had track out of wed lock…she has proven herself to be a big enough hypocrite with out that factoid.

  4. I really hate to say that if you are pro Palin, you are so right wing your flying in a circle. She as far as I can tell was elected by younger males based on there desire to have a “HOT” govener*, which we have alot of (per capita) due to all the military; Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force that reside in Alaska. Having said that, I also explain her term as Mayor to the same phenomenon. As far as her, at best 6 out of 10 for looks daughters, and THERE abstinence accidents (Come on you’ve seen Levi Johnston at least once on T.V…..Douche!), I can’t help but find it ironic how she will preach abstinence boldly, while holding there bastard. In Willows case the preaching may not be abstinence, shes might as well talk about not drinking, while holding a copy of the magazine, or magazines that have put articals about her substance abuse problems in them.(I’m sure that Sarah has the magazines, because in her interviews as a Vice Presidential, she was quoted as saying that she reads any and all publications to get her news.) However, no matter what our views, or how we feel the bitch is richer than we can ever dream of becoming, and its all because of this. The attention she is getting has sweeled her haid so much that her body has had to become fatter to accomodate it.*2 The fat comment is not fact, just my opinion.

    *I will admit shes is “HOT”, but thats only because she looks like Tina Fay. I would totaly knock that up out of wedlock!
    *2 No Tina Fay I don’t think your fat! Keep 30 Rocking! Give Tracy Morgan a hug

  5. WOW, who cares. get a life

  6. Track’s a big boy now and there is much more interesting question that needs an answer. He and his fishing buddy have matching rings on their middle left fingers. Does this have a special meaning?

  7. Everyone has a past. Why don’t you stop looking at the speck in someone elses eye and look at the FREAKING LOG IN YOUR OWN EYE! We all fall short of the Glory of God!! No one is perfect so stop acting like the human race has the potential to.

  8. I doubt Sarah’s son was born out of wedlock but so what if he was? People in glass houses should not throw stones.

    What the hell is wrong with you people. This young man should not be raked over the coals by green eyed envious people who have nothing more to do than try to cause anguish and embarassment to a 19 year old young man. This to me is a form of bullying people who are in public life. How dare they have a marraige that has lasted longer than most in the US. How dare they have a beautiful family and live a Christian lift.

    So just shut the hell up.

  9. Repeating what has already been stated, Sarah and Todd Palin were married on August 29, 1988 and then their first child Track was born on April 20, 1989 which suggests to me that either Track was born about one month early making his birth a premature one or Sarah was already pregnant when she and Todd eloped. It seems to me that Sarah was pregnant at the time the marriage took place.

    Most children who are born in April are conceived in July so if that’s the case it means Sarah was about 5-6 weeks pregnant on her wedding day. She must have found out she was pregnant as soon as she missed her period and perhaps that’s why she and Todd eloped instead of taking the time to plan a wedding which can be a long process for most couples not to mention the expense of it all.

    Now, having said all of that it doesn’t matter to me that Sarah’s son was conceived before marriage. It’s no big deal. She’s never claimed to be perfect. Fact is the Palin’s got married and are still married and seem very happy together which is all I care about. I’m not a Sarah Palin fan or supporter of the Republican/Tea Parties but give the woman and her family a break. It’s old news anyway.

    Whether you support her or agree with her beliefs or not at least give her credit for keeping her marriage together for over 20 years, dealing well with so much criticism from the media, and the controversy that surrounded Bristol’s pregnancy. Sarah could’ve crumbled and had a breakdown after having to endure those things and lost her marriage from the stress and pressure they were all under. But she’s keeping things going no matter what. I’m happy for this family for remaining united. Good luck to them all!

  10. One last thing… In your hurry to judge others, you forget your own accountability, don’t you?

  11. One more thing…If there has ever been one mother that has experienced so much of what the rest of us mothers have (and more) it is Sarah Palin. For her, the experience of having children…going to war, experience young pregancies, Down’s Syndrome, “normal youth”, working mother, working father, media spotlight, etc… Need I say more? Obviously, our America needs to wean themselves from the video screen and suckle life. You are all in for a rude awakening down the road.

  12. So? So what?

  13. Wow. I can’t believe that anyone is still arguing over Sarah Palin. She is superfluous, a fad, she now has a freaking Reality Show like Ozzy Osbourne. Get over it already. I personally don’t care if she was married or not when she got pregnant. I do care that so many people hold her and others like her, who are deliberately ignorant of anything outside of their own little lives and beliefs, in positions of importance. These are the ones that the apparent left side of the Bell Curve wants to run our country. So what if they lie, don’t know what the constitution says or what the Courts have decided in landmark cases. Who cares that they have no idea what so ever about the validity of the catch phrases they spew so gleefully without ever providing any type of validation. By the way, this goes for both political parties. I am just sick of governance by sound bite. I am tired of paying $174,000 per person for congress to sit around and accomplish NOTHING except campaigning for the next election. I am disgusted by politicians and political commentators that take comments out of context and spin them to mislead the entire populace and, finally, I am disheartened that so few actually care or bother to check on what they are told by these charlatans but simply and gleefully pass it along.

  14. Who the HELL Cares , Why don’t you ,you who are so critical ,clean up your own personal messes which I Know you hypocretes all have

  15. Track was conceived before Sarah’s marraige.

    In her medical files that were released it states “Full Term” pregnancies.

    Aug 29th to April 20th is 33 1/2 weeks. That is NOT ‘full term’.

  16. Abstinence only education does not work. GH Bush’s Abstinence pledge says I will not have sex until I am married. Nobody who supports these pledges waited for marriage. Now Bristol is giving the “Don’t have sex” interviews. Why not have some one who waited for marriage to have sex push the abstinence policy? If Palin was pregnant before the wedding then she is a hypocrite for supporting abstinence only. She is uninformed on every issue I have heard her talk about.

  17. Sarah Palin is a slut!

  18. Here’s the difference…Is Palin passing judgement on anyone? Is she telling people that they are horrible for conceiving children out of wedlock? Not that I’ve heard of…therefore, she’s not being a hypocrite.

    Tristen–well said.

  19. I thought you Hollywood, celebrity loving twits worshipped people who have children out of wedlock?

  20. Her doctor’s medical summary said all but her last pregnancy were carried to full term

  21. Mia, how very classy.

  22. who bloody cares for fucks sake! oh big deal shes a hypocrite you said it now fucking get on with your lives and stop being douchebags

  23. Look….by the average behavior of the people in Washington…Sarah Palin is a Role Model in the highest level….she grew up in a mans enviroment in Alaska > I use to live there..she was in sports…beauty contests…graduated college…been married for 20 years…has a family of 5 kids….became a Mayor…then Governor…and now running for V.P. of the United States of American all by age 44…She is a Great Role Model for anyone…much less a young girl…and if were going to talk about the sexual activities of anyone…lets be honest…Bill Clinton CHEATED time and time again WHILE married and even in the OVAL office….bet over it you Kool-aid drinking Dems

  24. People like Lorie remind me that even free public education can’t help the truly ignorant people.
    People like her make me cringe to know that I paid
    taxes so that she could sleep through her classes. Yes, I’m assuming you didn’t graduate from high school! Go ahead and vote for McCain you poor little
    lost sheep.

  25. Peter, you got it right.

    Plus, Sarah was about 24 when she got married and about 25 when Track was born. (Assuming the dates on this site are correct.) She was fully an adult, not underage, and had completed college. This is in no way scandalous.

    By the world’s standards, it’s not even irresponsible.

    And people, you all need to remember that it’s Barack Obama who wants to place a woman with experience as an unwed teenage mother as his next supreme court justice appointment.

    If Obama thinks being an unwed teen mom increases a person’s qualifications as a supreme court justice, why are people complaining about 17 year old Bristol’s pregnancy? She could one day be a SC justice under Obama’s vision. She’s already working on her qualificiations.

  26. All you rock throwers listen up. Before all of you immoral moralizers try to throw rocks at Sarah (how dare you, you fornicating lovers of lies!), you should know what the Bible says first. Those of us who have actually READ it understand that sex BEFORE marriage is not specifically decried, rather it is said that if a man has sex with his virgin, he should marry her. Sex OUTSIDE of marriage, that does not lead to marriage is specifically condemned. Marriage is not a legal act, it is a solemn oath between one man and one woman before God to be united physically and spiritually until they die and does not require a license from the government (that is a requirement to be recognized under the law of the land). What the Bible DOES discriminate against is sex in DATING or OUTSIDE of marriage, not leading TO marriage, going from one partner to another without marriage. That is called fornication and if it involves someone married to someone else it is called adultery. So get off your high horses and pay attention to YOUR own sins because you have to answer for your refusal to acknowledge your own sin and a need for the saving grace of Christ. Yes, we all need it. Can you admit it? I know, many of you will whine because I talk about my beliefs. Well, politics IS religion so get over it. If you don’t get that then you are too dense to have an intelligent discussion with anyway.

  27. …interesting you should mention the adulterous behavior of John Edwards. Yes, I do not agree with it. Are you also aware that after John McCain’s first wife waited faithfully for him to return from Vietnam, he dropped her in short order soon after his return. She had been in a serious car accident while he was away and as a result was partially disabled. He left her, was a womanizer, and apparently pursued the rich Cindy while still married and then divorced her to remarry. So much for his great integrity!

  28. Hey Independent Thinker,

    You think you are smart but guess what Barack did go through the media scrutiny over rev wright so what is your problem were you hibernating??? So now it Palin’s turn, we need to talk about her & the youtube video and her belief in witchcraft. Go harry Potter!!!

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