Tony Danza divorce Tracy Danza: Tony Danza divorce Rhonda Yeoman (photos)

Tony Danza is divorcing Tracy Robinson Danza. Tony and Tracy Danza have been married for 24 years and they have two children. Their eldest daughter, Katherine Danza, is an adult, being 23 years old. Their second daughter, Emily Danza, is 17 years old.

Tony and Tracy Danza have been separated for years, since they split up in 2006. Tony stated on his divorce papers that he had irreconcilable differences with Tracy.

Tony Danza’s first marriage was to Rhonda Yeoman. Danza and Yeoman married in 1970. Yeoman gave birth to their 2 children and their marriage lasted 4 years. Danza and Yeoman divorced after that.

During Danza’s marriage to Yeoman, he was still working as a professional boxer. Later, Danza won a role in the TV show, “Taxi”. After Taxi, Danza won another role, as Tony Micelli in the show, “Who’s The Boss?”

In 1992, Danza left the TV shows to start his own talk show. Since then, his talk show was so popular, it became syndicated.

Kelly Emberg, Tony Danza, Traci Robinson Danza.

Kelly Emberg, Tony Danza, Traci Robinson Danza

Tony Danza & family in 2004

Tony Danza & family in 2004

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