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Sep 242008

Tony Alamo used to tailor handsome jackets and clothes for celebrities and showy customers. The Tony Alamo jackets photos are here. See them to believe what Tony Alamo did to jackets.

Tony Alamo jackets photos 1

The front of the jacket was shown in a thumbnail. I couldn’t get the bigger shot. Sorry about that.

Tony Alamo jacket “Barbie At The Beach.”

You can buy this jacket at the shop listed below. Hey, Marl & B, I borrowed your pics to help sell your Alamo jackets.

The Tony Alamo jacket is hand studded with rhinestones and features the illustration of “Barbie At The Beach.” This Tony Alamo denim jacket was made in 1997. This Alamo jacket was once worn by Marl, the owner of the store. Jacket is size Medium. The original cost of a new Tony Alamo Jacket is $500. This vintage piece of Tony Alamo jacket sells for only $159. Please visit website for details.

Here is another Tony Alamo Jacket in size XL or extra large. It has Alamo’s illustration of “Barbie in Beverly Hills.” The description for this Alamo Jacket is the same for the jacket above. Original owner bought it in 1997 etc…

Tony Alamo Jacket in size XL

Here’s the front of the same Alamo Jacket:

(Barbie at Beverly Hills by Tony Alamo Jackets)

Barbie at Beverly Hills by Tony Alamo Jackets

What do you think of these two Tony Alamo Jacket designs? Alamo made other jackets too but that would make another post, another story.

Tony Alamo also wore some glamorous designs to practise what he preached about the importance of good fashion for men.

Source for Tony Alamo jackets here.

The website for the source is no longer listing the products. The owner has removed them.

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  5 Responses to “Tony Alamo evangelist/ tailor: Tony Alamo Jackets photos”

  1. I really need help on this blue jean hand painted original alamo bullrider jacket its beautiful

  2. I have a original tony alamo jacket hand painted its a bullrider painted an beautiful was wondering how much they are worth wanting to sell

  3. I have a barbie on the beach jean jacket. Sixe xs. If interested please contact, by email address barnwell_rhonda@yahoo.com

  4. I have a one of a kind Tony Alamo jacket from 1988.
    The jacket depicts the New York skyline with the twin towers in the scene. Please contact me if you are interested at hoot48@msn.com

  5. Where can I buy the jackets please! It doesnt say anything in the article about where to purchase them? barbieaafa@aol.com.


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