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Feb 272009

Updated Aug 4

Dee Ocleppo gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday, Aug 3. Ocleppo and Tommy Hilfiger named their son Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger. Baby Hilfiger weighed 9 lbs and 8 oz.

Feb 27 2009

Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee Ocleppo, are expecting their first child together. Ocleppo and Hilfiger were married last Dec 2008, in Greenwich, Connecticut. Hilfiger and Ocleppo wasted no time!

Hilfiger has 4 children from his previous relationships. Ocleppo has 2 kids fromher former relationship. Ocleppo is now 3 months into her pregnancy. Hilfiger and Ocleppo were mentioned to be excited and joyful with expectation of their coming new parenthood.

Tommy Hilfiger & Dee Ocleppo – photo/gossip link.

Dee Ocleppo & Tommy Hilfiger married: Ocleppo & Hilfiger married (photo)

Tommy Hilfiger has married his girlfriend, Dee Ocleppo, on Friday night, Dec. 12, 2008. There was buzz around Friday daytime that Tommy Hilfiger had already married Dee Ocleppo. Hilfiger’s friend denied the rumor and insisted the wedding ceremony was held at night.

Tommy Hilfiger had been dating Dee Ocleppo for the past 3 years. Dee Ocleppo is the former wife of Gianni Ocleppo, a tennis player in the 1980s. Hilfiger and Ocleppo had planned to get married in August but that was postponed. Ocleppo had received a whopping large diamond in her engagement ring. The stone was 8.2 carat large.

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