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Sep 132009

Gertrude McCabe, 88, was brutally killed in San Jose. Her niece, Jane Alexander, 61 in 1983, decided to find her beloved aunt’s killer. Jane Alexander’s story has been made into a movie called “Citizen Jane”.

Jane Alexander’s boyfriend, Tom O’Donnell, has been staying with her for three years before Gertrude McCabe was killed. One after McCabe’s death, O’Donnell disappeared from Alexander’s life.

Tom O’Donnell cheated Alexander of her money. He lost $200,000 in equity in her home when he mis-used it in bad investments. O’Donnell took $10,000 from Alexander as his self given parting gift before he left her.

O’Donnell was convicted for cheating Alexander of her money. O’Donnell was sentenced to 4 years in prison for that. It took a total of 13 years before Alexander could help her prosecutor build up a strong case against O’Donnell in the murder of Gertrude McCabe. O’Donnell was convicted for the murder and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

“Citizen Jane: A True Story of Money, Murder and One Woman’s Mission to Put a Killer Behind Bars” is Jane Alexander’s autobiography published in 1999.

Jane Alexander and Jan Miller helped to set up “Citizens Against Homicide” to help families of murdered victims. Jane Alexander died at the age of 86, on Dec 14 2008. “Citizens Against Homicide” lives on to help others.

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  8 Responses to “Tom O’Donnell, Jane Alexander & Gertrude McCabe: Alexander nailed O’Donnell for McCabe”

  1. there is a man who lives here at 900 17th st modesto,ca. and he looks like tom he has the same face but a little older.

  2. Some people get false courage and say things on the internet they would never say to someones face. I am far from perfect but i try to always take peoples feelings into consideration before I open my mouth or type something on the keyboard. Miss Alexander did something great and should be recognized for that, fun should not be made of the situation. RIP Miss Alexander and Miss McCabe, Mr. O’Donnell Im sure you will be held accountable for your actions.

  3. Those of you who make a joke of murder need to have it happen to someone you love. If you are capable of love.

    Your pal O’Donnell stole from many people–no one drove him to it except his own greed. Glad he’s dead. RIH (figure it out, fools)

  4. That old lady bitched so much she drove good Tom nuts.

  5. To hell with that old crab lady who drove good tom nuts.

  6. He died in prison in January 2010.

  7. So….is Tom O’Donnell dead yet?

  8. Where are the updates of the convicted?? Is Tom O’Donnell?

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