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Mar 252009

Tom Joyner’s radio show in Chicago has been canceled. Joyner was fired after poor ratings. Joyner has been replaced by the “Steve Harvey’s Morning Show”.

Where will Tom Joyner go?

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  2 Responses to “Tom Joyner radio show canceled: Tom Joyner fired”

  1. And so what if she do have sex tapes on Steve Harvey. It may help increase his ratings. Dam! look what it did for Kim Kadashion. Sounds like you need to get a life. Matter of fact could you be the X putting this out there???

  2. remember years ago, in fact it was around the time The Original Kings of Comedy was being filmed. I was an underwriter at bank. Anyway, I was underwriting a famous DJ’s home loan and she told me that all of em screwed around on their wives. I know for a fact that Cedric, The Entertainer has had a side piece for many years. D.L. Hughley does his dirt out of the country with white women and I won’t comment on Bernie Mack (RIP).
    Years ago, Steve Harvey was gettin it in with an escort. He didn’t know she was taping their sex act. She threatened to send the tape to his then wife, Mary if he didn’t fork over 50K. He ended up paying it, but what he didn’t or doesn’t know, she still has a copy of the video.

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