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Feb 112009

Tom Coleman, an undercover police officer, arrested about 46 people in Tulia, Texas for drug activity. They were nicknamed “Tulia 46”. Forty arrested suspects were black. Six white suspects were associated with the black community.

Many arrests in July 1999 were later challenged and overthrown. The victims were compensated a total of $6 million in 2004. Tom Coleman was not charged.

Coleman was accused of being a racist, a liar and a thief. Coleman insisted he did what was right.

The details of the “Tulia 46” story are found at the link.

There is a colorful account of Tom Coleman and “Tulia, Texas” at the link. Tom Coleman’s photo is at the link.

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  1. I’ve heard about this scumbag on the radio, he should have been locked up for the low acts he perpetrated. In any case drug addiction shouldn’t be a police matter it is a medical issue and was only made illegal during the 1930s for political reasons.
    It’s nobody’s business what chemicals I ingest. My consciousness is mine no one else’s. Of course there is a hidden agenda for the illegality of drugs and it’s all about protecting the massive profits generated by their sale. The corruption goes all the way to the top, Wall street would suffer crippling losses if the drug trade disappeared overnight. This must stop.

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