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Jan 022009

Timothy Treadwell, a wildlife activist, spent 13 summers living with bears in Alaska. Traedwell was found dead and partly consumed at his campsite in Katmai National Park in autumn 2003. Amie Huguenard, Treadwell’s girlfriend, was also found dead.

Treadwell was a reformed drug addict. When Treadwell lived among grizzly bears, he treated them like pets. Treadwell though he was accepted as one of them. Katmai Park Rangers killed the male bear thought responsible for Treadwell’s death. The adult male was 1000 pounds (450 kg) A younger bear was also shot dead when it showed aggressive behavior.

The Timothy Treadwell death video is elusive. There are many fakes from posters who capitalize on the popularity of the search for the video. Jewel Palovak, one of Treadwell’s close friends, has possession of his personal effects and the audio tape of Treadwell’s final moments before his death. Jewel Palovak said she has no plans of releasing the audio tape. Treadwell had bequeathed his belongings to her.

Timothy Treadwell death story.

Photos of Timothy Treadwell, Amie Huguenard and bears.

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  17 Responses to “Timothy Treadwell: Timothy Treadwell death video”

  1. If that’s not the most ridiculous…
    Look, this man knew what his situation was. Frankly, the fact that he lasted 13 years out there living the way he did is a miracle in and of itself. There was something severely messed up about him to believe he could actually be “friends” with an animal; especially a wild animal. There is a primal and reasonable explanation that accompanies the actions of all animals, including the pets we keep. The only reason the bears let him live so long is because they probably thought there was some sort of imbalance this man had that negated him as a threat. He carried on about how they were all “the best of friends” and “like family” and that’s just plain ludicrous.

    The fact of the matter is, the Alaskan tundra is not Teletubby Land. Thinking that you can live among animals in their own habitat and not respect their boundaries and know how to keep your distance, holding hands and singing songs about how perfect the world could be if everyone behaved like this…does anyone else see a problem here?!
    Life is not made of sunshine and rainbows and trying to make nature a safe place is exactly how Tim Treadwell got himself killed.

  2. A bunch of self-righteous a**holes on here, spouting from their soapbox because they’re butthurt by not bing able to hear the tape. Watch the documentary “Grizzly Man”, it will tell you exactly what was heard. Spoiler alert: it involves two people trying to fight a bear off, and dying. The fact that people are so moronic to even consider that it’s “fake” or a setup makes me laugh. Learn what you want from all this, it’s up to you. He disrespected the bear, we was troubled, and sadly took his girlfriend down with him. Tragic, yes, but not surprising.

  3. Brad you hit the nail on the head with that last sentence.

  4. Nick,YOU ARE AN IDIOT TOO! Timothy was no artist,he was a totally uneducated inexperienced mental patient and con artist. He did not know one scrap of scientific knowledge about bears and their behavior. He gave them pansy assed names and claimed that they loved him and accepted him as their own. All they did was tolerate him.People are sick and spout their dramatic self righteous bull crap so they can hear a man die on tape. that’s all!

  5. guys an idiot for getting that close to bears and thinking he was a member of the family. got what he deserved

  6. Timothy Treadwell cared about education, awareness, and how it intertwined with nature. Like a true artist, he understood that his life’s work would only be realized after his death. The fact that he said he would die for these animals & talked about his future death so many times clearly shows that he knew he would one day be killed by the beast he loved most. But that was a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to make others see what he saw. Whether you agree that releasing the audio is what he wouldve wanted or not, it’s still very educational. It shouldn’t matter if it’s the way he intended it to be(even though I’m sure it is). It’s what he wouldve wanted, whether the intent behind it was understanding him & loving nature or respecting it enough to stay a safe distance. No harm could come from it. And it’s what Timothy wouldve wanted.

  7. whatever happened i hope tim and amy rest in peace . and to all of you rubberneckers go fuck yourselves

  8. Did they die ????? who knows…. maybe they (Ami & Tim)just wanted to disapear from civilization.
    who knows ???? just reveal what realy happened Jewel, put everyones mind to rest, or admit thats not what realy happened to them.

  9. i want to know whats on the tape. dammit.

  10. While I don’t agree with releasing the “death tape” on Tim & Amy, I do agree that Jewel is a woman of poor chacter. She seems fake and scripted.

  11. I agree. Anyone who can see that Tim would have wanted the whole story out about the bears. The beautiful and harsh the realities of nature. Jewel is only numbing the truth which takes away from Tims life work. I think her intentions are good but she is missing the point that her friend was trying to make with his life. It’s truely very sad. If it would save one bear or one human life it would be worth it. Chin up Jewel… you can do it.

  12. tony:you really just need to shut the hell up and stop being a hater. if you dont like what we want here then leave. nobody cares if they “make you sick”. but i agree with the rigor person. wild animals attacking is to be expected. being unarmed is the worst decision. and as of jewel..she just wants people to rely on her and want something she has. it makes her feel powerful. i think that shes just a washout wanting a easy way to money, since she has no other talents to get it.

  13. Reguardless, tape or not. Goes to show, wild animals are wild. Wild predator animals are dangerous wild animals. A Man vs. predator animal, 99.999999987654321% odds animal WINS. However man has over time learned how to defend himself from attacks. Then some smart people decided to block off national reserves (gov. grab of national rescourses)and bring back predator animals. then lets say people are permitted(term used lightly) to use the reserve land, but unarmed. Ummmm sound pretty stupid. SUPPORT SELF DEFENCE, ALWAYSSSSSSSS.

  14. I really cant believe, people would want to hear the audio tape of two humans being killed by a animal.You make me sick!!!

  15. J.O. and P.G. are correct.

    Jewel, release the damn tape to put an end to the fakes. Why they turn on the recorder if they didn’t want it heard? Jesus, this is almost what Tim wanted.

    He poked and prodded those bears. He had a death wish. In some sad, profound way, he always wanted to die by them. I would bet he was shocked they picked that night, when he had company. He most likely wanted to die alone by them.


    PS. I heard they burned the tape during the funeral. What a shame.

  16. Jewel killed the credibilty of this whole movie, she highlighted the fact that the majority of this movie was scripted, a combination of bad acting and ridiculous commentary made me begin to question whether the event itself was even true, a total disapointment allround, I can only begin to imagine that Treadwell would be gutted at the way in which his footage was finally used and think that the film maker is a joke.

  17. Jewel is so fake and is a poor actress. She holds back the real ending of Tim’s life by not releasing the audio portion on this video tape. She seems to be a Drama Queen. It seems to me that she is hording a piece of history that someone gave 13 years of thier life for. Boo, hiss, and shame on her. She probably wants money. Perhaps the last testament of Tim’s is as Fake as she is.

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