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Apr 152010

Tim Charles Youngblood Chapman original drawing pictureTim Charles “Youngblood” Chapman, no relative of Duane “The Dog” Chapman, was formerly married to Davina Chapman (photo). Later, they had a divorce when Davina initiated the action. Their marital woes began when Tim Chapman (photo below) accused Davina of having an affair. There was little information on the alleged affair.

Tim Chapman ex-wife original picture drawingDavina Chapman became pregnant via another man. Later, Davina served Tim the divorce papers on Jan 26, 2009.

Tim Chapman’s divorce was painful for him. He had been working faithfully for Duane Chapman in the Bounty Hunter show and the divorce caught him unexpectedly. Tim had traveled with Dog, the Bounty Hunter, as they moved from place to place, trying to catch their prey. He could have spent a lot of time away from home, which may have contributed to his wife growing apart from him.

Chapman had to ask himself, why did his wife become distant from him? It hurt him as a man and male figure. He had children and they suffered when their parents divorced. There was no one to take care of the children after Davina Chapman left. Tim had to stop work for a while to care for his children, and resolve issues from the divorce.

Chapman faced consequences from his divorce like spousal support, distribution of property, debts and other assets.

Duane Chapman understood what his old friend and colleague was going through. He saved his place for him while Tim struggled through his issues stemming from his family problems. After he had most of his personal matters sorted out, Tim was ready to rejoin the cast of the Bounty Hunter.

After his divorce, Tim Chapman gained custody of his 3 children. Chapman worked with Duane Chapman in the bounty hunting business. Tim was a regular in the show, “Dog The Bounty Hunter”, from seasons 1 to 4. Then he took time off for 2 years to deal with his personal problems like his divorce and some legal troubles.

Tim Chapman was involved in the capture of Andrew Luster, an heir of the Max Factor makeup empire. Tim, Duane and Leland were arrested by US Marshals on Sep 14, 2006. The Mexican government made the request because the three bounty hunters caught Andrew Luster in Mexico, on June 18, 2003. Mexico alleged the bounty hunters deprived Luster of his liberty.

After Tim, Duane and Leland were arrested, they were asked to wear electronic tags, surrender their passports, and banned from leaving Hawaii, although they posted bail. The three men had to wait to face extradition to Mexico to face charges.

Later, on Aug 4, 2007, Duane Chapman told Larry King on his show that the Mexico Government dropped the charges against the bounty hunters.

On Jan 3, 2008, Tim Chapman was accused of a bizarre incident. He was at the car park and inside his vehicle, when a security asked him to step outside. The guard claimed he responded to a complaint that a man was fondling himself.

Tim panicked and drove away, leading the guard to accuse Tim of trying to run him down.

Tim’s lawyer managed to present the case in his favor and charges of threatening the guard were dropped.

Brook Hart, the lawyer, claimed Tim had spilled a drink on his pants when he decided to change them in his vehicle. When the guard challenged him, he panicked because he wanted to avoid negative publicity. He accelerated his vehicle, which led the guard to accuse Tim of behaving in a threatening manner. Days later, Tim was acquitted of charges of indecent exposure.

Tim Chapman’s brother died in 2007.
Tim “Youngblood” Chapman’s brother, Russell Chapman, suffered from liver and kidney failure. Tim went to his brother’s bedside in Mississippi in May, 2007. He spent some time with his brother. Russ Chapman died in Singing River Hospital, Pascagoula, Mississippi, in May 2007. Russ Chapman was 44 when he died. He left behind his daughter Amber Rae Chapman, his mother, and his sisters, as well as his biological brother Tim Chapman. Duane Chapman has been so close to Tim and his extended family. Duane “Dog” Chapman will miss this member of his extended circle of family friends. Russell Chapman was a fourth generation bail bondsman who carried on his family’s tradition. He spent more than 22 years with Duane, on the road, as they filmed the reality TV show. Russell Chapman, RIP.

There was a rumor that Tim Chapman’s wife dies. However, this rumor is unconfirmed as on August 13, 2014.

Tim Chapman photo.

Tim Chapman and Davina Chapman photo at link.

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  24 Responses to “Tim Chapman & Davina Chapman (photo)”

  1. Tim always grounds the rest if the sort of “full of themselves” cast! Though I love the entire cast Tim seemed to be less of an actor. Thanks for providing the balance. Wish DBH was still on!

  2. tim love ya and if i seen ya doing what the” guard sayd what ya was doing i’d love 2 help ya ”:-) guard hide 2 be a male any famle in her rhite mind never do that or live ya.ya r a wounderful dad,men ya x just chuled’t understaind ya was tryin 2 make money 4 ya ya family some women just don’t desiver 2 have a men like ya.if ya moved with dog,them my a$$,kids goin with ya.men if ya was mine i was mine i whuled’t kick ya out ya r so sexy i wish ya lived here close 2me ya babys,my baby,u me all be 2ther 😉

  3. I loved watching Tim on the show, not many men would take the time to be with their children. A TRUE MAN, in my books, I just wish my ex- would of seen that leaving your child will come back and bite you in the ass when the child is older, which mine son is now and thinks his father is nothing. He is now a young man and on this mother’s day, wrote me a letter stating that I raised him to be the man he is today, and it makes me think about you Tim, repsectful, I would love to sit and have coffee with you one day, just to see your smile. :) keep up the good work, casue you are 1 in a million. <3

  4. Lots of things we the public aren’t aware of with the issues of your marriage Tim but you came out to be the winner. Davina, I don’t know you but as a mother who would lay my life down any day for my children, I would never be able to understand how you didn’t fight to have joint custody of those precious children. Your decision you might’ve made in haste will haunt you later on and I hope it changes your mind sooner than later. Those kids are going to miss out on your influence as their mother but they’re much better off without you because your actions and absence in their lives will speak louder than anything you can explain when they’re older. I feel sorry for you but your selfishness speaks volumes.

  5. may ” MITCH” end up with a “smokin hot” catch of his own, one who gives him something he can’t wash off. what an a-hole. Tim DID NOT deserve what he got. HE was providing for his family, SHE was providing for HERSELF & walked AWAY from her children.Smokin Hot Samoan? MORE like a crash and burn LOOSER. HER loss, Tim’s GAIN, 3 Beautiful Angels. God Bless & Glad your back! :)

  6. It could not have been easy for either one of you, I mean working long hours in any relationship does have its toll on not just one person, but both. Especially, if their are children involved. I ‘am not making excuses for anyone, but my husband works 12 hours a day, maybe longer, and I know sometimes I get lonely, or when my grandchildren do something funny, or cute, I often wish my husband was there to enjoy the moment with me, but then I have to remind myself that he is putting his life on the line everyday just so that we can have a roof over our head, and the best of everything we could possibly want. I know its not easy to put up with three kids, but it is soooo rewarding, it’s not that he is out there flirting with the most pitiful people who need help, so not only is he putting his life on the line for his family, but he is also helping people who need his help, AND YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON THAT!!! I mean, some women would die (figure of speech), would die to have a man who had a job!!! WHAT MORE COULD DAVINA CHAPMAN POSSIBLY WANT??? How would she feel, if she walked in his shoes for a day, and he did that to her??? HOW CAN SHE SLEEP AT NIGHT, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT HER CHILDREN??? i TELL YOU WHAT, I WILL SINCERELY PRAY FOR HER OTHER CHILD. “MAY GOD PUT HIS ANGELS AROUND HIM OR HER, AND WATCH HER NIGHT AND DAY!!! AMEN.’

  7. @Mitch Davina was such a catch that she didn’t get custody of her three kids and left them without a mother. I guess that’s what you called quite a catch. No matter what happen between Davina and Tim if it had been me, I would have fought to my dying breath to be with my children

  8. Tim, the reason your wife did what she did, is because you didn’t realize how lucky you were, Davina is a smokin hot samoan fox. She is probably one of the most beutiful woman in hawaii, the type that loves being chased, once you tied her down with kids, and took off to be cable celeb, she got scared, bored, and I can’t blame her. P.S. Everyday you left the house, and turned to say”I love you” and she responds… “eat shit” .. Took you a year to figure that out? Your married to a Samoan learn the lingo dude. You let that chick play you.
    My condolance but, next time you pull in a catch like Davina, don’t forget what you have, and don’t trade her for cable tv.

  9. I am sorry to hear this. the two of you seem very happy when we were able to to see you on the show..I don’t understand how a wife could be with another when her husband is doing his job for his family.I been waiting for my husband -army- to come home for 5 yrs and had no problem being faithful and keeping the home together. so that no good excuse,But On my part my now soon to be ex stopped wanting to be married.it is a blow when you get hit out of the blue, when your doing you part in a relationship. Tim love your kids give them all of you and life will take care you later..good luck we will being watching the show till the end..

  10. Tim needs to be back on the show

  11. MISS YOU wish you were back on the show….youre wife was a very lucky lady to have you,,,,deff her loss,,i wish you all the best tim hope to see you very soon,,,,

  12. love the show and the family and what it stands for very much blessings to you all and all the chrildren as well , god bless you all ! hope to see you soon on the show again young blood

  13. Tim I have always enjoyed you on the show! Your awsome & to be raising the children by yourself is huge… Wheres their mother? Does she see them? I’m confused, you have 5 kids all together. 4 w/Davina & jr. from previous relationship? WOW! You are still the “Bomb in my book”. God Bless You always Tim 😉

  14. Aloha Tim,
    It’s great having you back on the show. We missed you. Hope all is well and may the Lord bless you and your family.

  15. Hey tim I watch the show all the time and you seem like a realy nice guy. sorry about the devorce and good luck you have your hands full with three babies. someday I hope I will get to meet you. I realy enjoy the show don’t let them pick on you too much. have a good life and don’t worry someone special will come into your life and love you and those babies….

  16. To key west up there keep ur jealous remarkes to urself…if u ain’t goT n e thing nice to say keep ur mouth shut!

  17. It is very nice to have you back on the show. You are a great father and have an amzing bunch of people behind you 100% in everything you do. Keep your head up and be the hero we all know you are!! Much love from my family to yours!!!

  18. Hang in there Tim your show with dog and you have alot of fans behind you.

  19. Tim, so glad you’re back on the show! Hope life smooths out for you.

  20. Tim, Coming from a woman who has cheated there is never an excuse. I am very lucky my husband forgave me. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he kicked me to the curb. Keep your head up!!
    Much love

  21. there’s always 2 sides to the story. if you did have ur pants down in the truck and doing “whatever”, just own up to it like a man. i think the show is doing much better without Tim Chapman,they have the whole family working there. There’s a reason why his wife did what she did and only him and her know that.It must be nice to take off a year of work? Any average working man or woman couldn’t do that, so how did he do it? like i said there’s 2 sides to each story.

  22. I miss Tim on the show, bring him back and take Lyssa off. He’s more useful.

  23. just wanted to say miss tim on the show and very sorry his marriage failed

  24. hi Duane I wish you the best and May God Bless YOu and you Family

    P.S. you need to be on the show

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