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Dec 052009

Updated Dec 7 2009 – Mindy Lawton omitted to mention she was arrested for DWI in Jan 2009. Lawton, who allegedly gave her story to at least one UK tabloid, didn’t tell about her scandalous arrest for an offence.

In January 2009, Lawton was arrested and charged with felony and misdemeanor charges. Lawton was charged one count of Driving With Influence and causing bodily injury. Lawton’s second charge was on DWI that caused damage to two properties. One car was damaged; assessed at $5000 while another car was assessed to be damaged at $4000 worthwhile of repairs.

Mindy Lawton was given a blood alcohol test and she had a blood alcohol content of .187. Lawton has to keep a date in court in 2010.

Mindy Lawton mug shot link.

Updated Dec 5 2009 – Mindy Lawton is rumored to be Tiger Woods’ mistress. There are at least two Mindy Lawton profiles in Facebook and there may be more elsewhere. These may be people having the same name of Mindy Lawton. There is even a Mindy Lawton on Bebo.

Many websites have posts on Mindy Lawton. One common story is that the Mindy Lawton who is connected to Woods is the one that works in Orlando. The other women with the same name can explain to puzzled people that they are not the same woman as the one working in Orlando.

Mindy Lawton is 34, never married. Lawton allegedly started a friendship with Tiger Woods in 2007. Mindy Lawton Met Tiger Woods at her workplace, which was Perkins, a diner.

Lawton was a waitress cum manager at Perkins. Perkins is in Orlando, near Tiger Woods’ home in Windemere, Orlando, Florida. Perkins is a small, neighborhood diner which serves the local residents around the area.

Lynn Lawton, Mindy’s sister, said Woods and his wife Elin often visited Perkins for breakfast. Elin would read the newspaper while Tiger would stare at Mindy.

Lynn Lawton said Mindy thought she was in love with Tiger. Lynn revealed how Mindy would drive behind Tiger’s car and follow him to revenues to have intimacy.

Lynn Lawton claimed that when Tiger brought Mindy back to his home, Elin was never home. But Tiger has two homes in Orlando and which one did he bring Mindy home to? Both homes are situated in the same area.

It was also known that Woods’ mother, Kultida Punsawad, and mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg, visit and stay with the couple and their children. It would not be easy to have secret meetings with both elders around.

It was reported that at the time of Woods’ car crash, both Barbro Holmberg and Kultida Punsawad were present and stood at the scene.

Lynn Lawton claimed Mindy’s affair with Tiger ended when a car started following her around. There was talk of a tabloid sting on Woods and his alleged illicit relationship. Woods stopped seeing Mindy.

There are three more un-named women who rumors said had relationships with Woods. One of them is an older, married woman. One is a UK TV presenter who may never come forward to her story. Another one was only known to be a local US resident.

First Post.
Tiger Woods is rumored to have a fifth girlfriend or mistress. The name will be revealing after her preparations are done. This fifth woman claimed she was a mistress of Tiger Woods. She may be still a current mistress. The alleged fifth mistress joins a line that is getting longer and longer.

So far, Tiger Woods’ alleged relationships include:

1) Rachel Uchitel (night club executive)
2) Jaimee Grubbs (cocktail waitress)
3) Kalika Moquin (night club executive)
4) Jaime Jungers (cocktail waitress)
5) Mindy Lawton (waitress)
6) Woman is in negotiations to release her name in a story.
7) Woman is waiting for a outlet to release her story.
8) A UK presenter does not want to reveal her name but UK sources know her.
9) Cori Rist.

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  1. The UK presenter is Di Stewart – has done tv ads for Titleist in North America and is a studio and on-course golf commentator.

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