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Feb 282009

TI recorded a song to diss his former love Lashon Dixon. TI rapped about how he was being squeezed for more child support as Dixon refused to work. TI must have have prepared this rap before he went to jail.

TI diss LaShon Dixon song video link.

Posted Feb 28 2009.

TI the rapper has to cough up more money for child support. TI has two children with his ex girlfriend, LaShon Dixon. TI used to pay $2000 per month to LaShon Dixon for child support. Dixon and TI share joint custody of the children.

TI has been ordered to pay $5000 now for child support. One previous revision last year raised the support to $3000. However, Dixon has asked for a revision again. TI was not required to pay for his two sons’ private education. The boys are now 7 and 9 years old.

TI’s fiancée is Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. Perez Hilton provided this story on LaShon Dixon and TI.

Here’s another link to LaShon Dixon‘s story.

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