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Sep 162009

Thuy Le, 38, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murders. Thuy Le was arrested after she was released from hospital. Thuy Le is from Garden Grove and was visiting her cousin when she stabbed her two daughters and herself at his home.

Thuy Le and her girls stayed overnight Wednesday, Sep 16. Police do not know Thuy Le’s motive for attacking her daughters with a knife. Her cousin, Toan Pham, said Le had some financial problems.

Both girls are expected to recover in hospital.

Posted Sep 16 2009.

A mother tried to murder her two daughters and commit suicide in Orange County, Ca. The woman, 38, stabbed her daughter, 5, in the chest. This girl is now hospitalized in a critical condition. The other daughter, 3 years old, has non-threatening wounds. The mother is also hospitalized with non-critical injuries. The woman admitted she stabbed her girls and tried to commit suicide.

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