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Jan 042009

Thomas Capano, in Delaware, gave up his fight when he missed filing an appeal to overturn his 1999 conviction for murdering Anne Marie Fahey. Fahey had worked as a secretary for Gov. Thomas Carper.

Capano, a lawyer, will be imprisoned for the rest of his life. In 1999, Capano was found guilty for killing Fahey, then 30. The prosecutors persuaded a jury that Capano killed Fahey because she wanted to end their affair. Fahey’s body was never found. Prosecutors contended that Capano dumped Fahey’s body into the sea.

Capano’s brother was implicated on a related issue for assisting him in dumping Fahey’s body.

Background of story.
Anne Marie Fahley, 30, was missing in June 1996. Fahley was the girlfriend of Thomas Capano. Fahey had dinner with Capano on the night she disappeared. Capano denied being involved in her disappearance.

Fahey kept a diary which she chronicled about her relationship problems. Fahey indicated she wanted to end her relationship with “Tomas” (assumed to be Thomas Capano). Fahey allegedly was in love with another man.

Thomas Capano’s brother, Gerry Capano, was caught in trouble and he was pressurized to give information to the authorities. Gerry said Thomas sought his help to dump something into the sea on June 28, 1996. Something was placed inside a cooler and thrown overboard. The cooler box refused to sink despite Gerry having shot a hole in it. Gerry claimed Thomas did something to the cooler and he only saw a foot disappearing into the sea.

Based on Gerry Capano’s testimony, Thomas was arrested. On Jan 17, 1999, the jury convicted Thomas Capano of murder.

Thomas asked Gerry to get their brother Louis to dispose of a bloodstained sofa and carpet. Louis Capano managed a dumpster so he could empty the contents of the dumpster to avoid discovery.

Thomas Capano had another girlfriend and mistress named Debby MacIntyre. MacIntyre admitted she gave the gun she bought to Thomas Capano.

Anne Fahey’s body was never found but she was assumed to have been shot and dumped at sea.

Recent photo of Thomas Capano, now 58.

Anne Marie Fahey story with her photo.

The conviction and sentence of Thomas Capano. Capano received the death sentence. Capano is now on death row. Photos pasted at link.

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