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Jul 202010

The Client List is a true story of Samantha Horton. Horton was a mother of 3 children until she became a prostitute to support her family. Her husband failed to provide for their family and she assumed the role of breadwinner.

Horton was forced to down grade from being a physical therapist to a massage therapist, in order to get a job to support her family. Horton joined the Healing Touch. Horton initially was unaware what went down in the Healing Touch massage parlor in Odessa, Texas. The other women masseuses slowly got her into the act. Each of them had their own Client List.

Sam Horton was sucked into the ring of prostitution to earn money for her family. Horton soon discovered the perks of her job servicing The Client List. Slowly, Horton fell into the social pressure of pleasing her customers. She started snorting cocaine to accompany her customers on The Client List.

One day, The Healing Touch massage parlor was busted by cops. Horton was hauled off to jail. After her release, Horton is visited by the wives of her clients on the list. Horton thought they were coming to get her but they only wanted some tips on how to please their husbands in the bedroom.

The cast of The Client List:
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Samantha Horton.
Cybill Shepherd as Samantha’s mother, Cassie.
Teddy Sears as Sam Horton’s husband, Rex Horton.

The Client List Samantha Horton true story video.

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  1. Only got to see up to the part where they were raided by the police but what I’ve seen … great movie!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!

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