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Mar 282009

Terry Wallis, born on April 7, 1964, was 20 years old when he had a traffic accident. From 1984, Wallis was in a coma. In 2004, Wallis recovered from his semi conscious state. Wallis woke up after almost 20 years sleeping in a minimally conscious state.

Wallis recovered his speech and limited movement. He remained paralyzed and unable to form new memories. He had amnesia. Wallis retained memories prior to his car crash but could nor recall recent events.

Terry Wallis fathered a daughter, Amber Wallis, before his accident. Their photo is at the link – Terry Wallis & Amber Wallis.

Terry Wallis, background biography at wiki.

Terry Wallis at CNN.

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  1. so how is terry wallis doing now in 2020

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