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Dec 262008

September 1 2014 – Teresa Palmer leaked nudes are old. She had naked pictures, photos and videos since long ago. Teresa may have stored her naked photos in Apple cell phone’s iCloud. Wonder what will Teresa Palmer’s husband say about her leaked nudes?

Teresa Palmer married Mark Webber, a director and actor. He brought his son Isaac Love into his relationship. Isaac’s mother was Frankie Shaw, an actress, who gave birth to him in 2008. Teresa and Mark have a son born on Feb 17 2014. They named him Bodhi Rain Webber. The family lives in LA.

March 4 2011 – Teresa Palmer doesn’t kiss and tell. Palmer has dated Russell Brand, before he met Katy Perry, but her lips are sealed. Palmer refused to divulge details about her romantic relationships with Brand.

Palmer said she hadn’t always been this hot. She was a dork in elementary school. By the time Palmer reached high school, she had lost some of her dorkiness and morphed into a graceful swan.

In high school, Palmer threw a party using her father’s invested property. Numerous gatecrashers forced their way in and caused a fire. Palmer described her past youth in Australia as being wild.

Its only the beginning of 2011 and Palmer already has two movies released so far. Have you watched Teresa Palmer in “I Am Number Four” and “Take Me Home Tonight”?

Dec 26 2008 – Teresa Palmer, whose latest movie being screened is “Bedtime Stories”, has acted in several movies that showed more skin. Palmer disrobed in “Restraint.”

Teresa Palmer in “Restraint” video link. General audience.

Teresa Palmer in Restraint video link. Mature audience for over 18.

Dec 19 2008 – Teresa Palmer: Teresa Palmer in Bedtime Stories (photos/ video)

Teresa Palmer and Russell Brand were co-stars in “Bedtime Stories.” The movie introduced them. Palmer and Brand had a brief romance lasting about 4 months. Russell Brand told that Teresa Palmer could be the one for him. Suddenly, Brand and Palmer broke up in September.

On Thur., Dec. 18, “Bedtime Stories” premiered in the US. Adam Sandler, who played the chief protagonist Skeeter Bronson, and the cast were present. Russell Brand played Mickey, Skeeter Bronson’s best friend in Bedtime Stories.

Brand’s ex-girlfriend, Teresa Palmer, had a supporting role in Bedtime Stories. Palmer and Brand avoided being photographed together on the red carpet. Palmer posed solo and with other celebrities but not Brand. Brand did likewise.

Courteney Cox played Skeeter Bronson’s sister in Bedtime Stories. Adam Sandler’s wife, Jackie Sandler, was also present.

Photos of Teresa Palmer and all the celebrities mentioned in this post.

Bedtime Stories trailer link.

Sep 8 2008 – Teresa Palmer is Russell Brand’s girlfriend (photo)

Teresa Palmer, an Australian actress, is the latest girlfriend of Russell Brand.

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar and talked about Russell Brand. Apparently, Brand was not such a bad boy. Palmer and Brand had been filming on the same set for four months and they did not even know each other well. During their last week on the film set, they opened up to each other and discovered they shared several similarities. One of them was about their tough beginnings in life. Teresa Palmer went on holiday with Russell Brand. They traveled to her native Australia, and then Malaysia, before returning to LA.

Jul 7 2008 – New couple Russell Brand & Teresa Palmer

Russell Brand hints that he wants a baby with Teresa Palmer. Russell Brand & Teresa Palmer have been dating for the past month.

Russell Brand & Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer short bio.

Teresa Palmer was born on Feb 26, 1986. Palmer is an Australian. Palmer’s first acting debut was in a drama called “2:37”. Palmer’s most recent movie was in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, where her role was the Apprentice’s girlfriend.

Teresa Palmer was born in Adelaide, Australia. Her father is Kelvin Palmer and her mother is Paula Sanders. When Teresa was 3 years old, her parents divorced. Teresa’s father re-married. Teresa had a stepmother, two half-sisters and two step-brothers.

Teresa Palmer started acting in Australia. When her film premiered at Cannes, Palmer was there and she met American talent agents and an American manager. Palmer signed with William Morris Agency, which then paved the way for getting film roles in Hollywood.

In 2007, Teresa Palmer was able to relocate from Australia to Los Angeles. Her first real breakthrough in American films was in Bedtime Stories, released in 2008. Next, she won the role of Becky Barnes, in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which was released in 2010.

In Teresa Palmer’s personal life, she had several boyfriends. Palmer used to date Australian footballer Stuart Dew until she moved away to America. After Palmer and Dew broke up, she dated Russell Brand, Topher Grace and Adam Brody

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