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Feb 152009

Ted Ammon was a Wall Street financier who was murdered in October 21, 2001. In 2004, Danny Pelosi was tried and found guilty of killing Ammon. Pelosi was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Danny Pelosi abandoned his wife, Tamara Pelosi, for Mr Ted Ammon’s wife, Generosa Pelosi in 2001. Generosa Ammon and Danny Pelosi married in 2002, after Ted Ammon’s death. Generosa Ammon died of breast cancer in 2003 and left her new husband Danny Pelosi out of her will.

Ms. Tamara Pelosi, and her mother, Susan Semerade, have written the story of how Tamara struggled on after Danny Pelosi abandoned her. The result is “Pennies from an Angel—Innocent Lives behind a Crime”.

Murder in The Hamptoms.
Murder in the Hamptoms is the name of the movie on Ted Ammon and Generosa Ammon. Ted Ammon, the millionaire or multimillionaire, was suddenly killed.

Ted AmmonTed Ammon.
Ted Ammon, 52, was discovered dead in his home, called The Hamptons on Long Island, by his business partner, Mark Angelson. Ammon was beaten to death.

The movie on the Ammons was named “Murder in The Hamptons” because of Ammons home being the place of his death.

Ammon failed to pick up his twins, Alexa and Gregory, from school and Angelson was worried enough to check on his business partner.

Generosa AmmonGenerosa Ammon, 42, issued a statement to deny involvement in her estranged husband’s death.

Who killed Ted Ammon? Was the murderer his gay lover, his estranged wife who was divorcing him, the mob, the Board of the Fifth Avenue, one or two of his disgruntled former assistants?

The Board of the Fifth Avenue co-op was Ammon’s enemy at the time because he sued them for the right to sell his penthouse. The court case was filed after May 2001, when Ammon accepted an offer of $9.5 million, but was denied the right to sell.

Ammon had another two enemies in the form of 2 ex personal assistants, who had sued him for $7.5 million. The former assistants claimed they were cheated of back salaries, bonuses and securities. They filed a lawsut to sue Ammon on Oct 17, days before his death. But the assistants would not have benfitted after his death. He was worth more alive to them than dead.

Ted Ammon’s parents were Robert Ammon and Bettylee Ammon. Ted’s sister is Sandi Williams, who was 45 in 2001. The Ammon family lived in middle class Aurora, near Buffalo, in New York.

Ted Ammon excelled at whatever he did. Ammon was a good student while at school. Later in life, Ammon’s business associates were privy to the special qualities in him. Ammon even managed to befriend his competitors.

In 1974, Ted Ammon married his first wife, Randee Day. By 1983, Ammon and Day were separated and divorced.

In 1986, Ted Ammon married Generosa Rand LeGaye. Generosa’s father abandoned her mother, Marie Theresa LeGaye. Marie died of cancer when Generosa was 10 years old. The girl was raised by a series of relatives and then by her uncle Albert LeGaye.

In 1992, Ted and Generosa Ammon adopted 2 year old twins from Ukraine. They named the kids Alexa and Gregory Ammon. The couple loved the twins, until 1999.

Ted Ammon relocated the family to London, the UK. Generosa, Alexa and Gregory lived in London, while Ted lived in NY. By 2000, Generosa became aware that Ted had relationships with several women. By July 2000, Generosa and her kids moved back to NY but she had separated from her husband Ted.

In 2003, Generosa Ammon died of breast cancer. She had appointed the kids’ Britsh nanny,  Kay Mayne, as their guardian, after being convinced by Mayne that she would bring up the children following Generosa’s orders; or the way she would like them to be brought up.

Danny Pelosi.

Danny Pelosi was a contract electrician by profession. During his free time, he was a gambler and risk taker. The jury heard the evidence that Danny’s sister had inevitably laid open the plan for him to attack Ted Ammon when she asked him to check online on Ammon. When Danny saw that Ammon was alone, he allegedly went to kill him.

In 2004, after 3 years of investigations, Danny Pelosi was arrested on suspicion of killing Ted Ammon. Pelosi had told some people he was present at the scene of murder. When Pelosi was arrested, he was engaged to Jennifer Zolnowski. Pelosi had fathered a new baby with Zolnowski.

Danny Pelosi was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Alexa and Gregory went to live with Ted Ammon’s sister, Sandi Williams. The twins were 15 years old in 2005.

Generosa Ammon & Danny Pelosi photo.

Danny Pelosi picture.

Danny Pelosi picture.

“Pennies from an Angel—Innocent Lives behind a Crime” website.

Tamara Pelosi‘s story.

Danny Pelosi and the Ted Ammon case. This link has photos.

Alexa Ammon now*Alexa Ammon now*Alexa Ammon*


Gregory Ammon*Gregory Ammon now*Gregory Ammon


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  10 Responses to “Ted Ammon, Generosa Ammon, Danny Pelosi, Tamara Pelosi in book”

  1. I agree that if she is that upset with the whole thing then why not let it fade instead of making money on some poor guys death? Its sick of her to do it period just as sick as if she murdered him herself she should be ashamed to call herself a human being!!! Plus what if jenna told someone else where the heart of that camera system was the rest on him was hearsay? Im more scared of the damn prosecuter who acts like she some kind of crazy phsyco like she wouldnt be happy until she put someone away for it period.the justice system in this country has gotton so scarry you can be convicted on almost NOTHING!!!! Im thinking of moving to Russia!

  2. or rot in jail!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Capital punishment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope Danny Pelosi rots in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Some of these comments are scary(cannot spell), Justice comes in many many forms throughout life. I am not POSITIVE that Pelosi did it?? but he might have killed Ammon. Ammon, with all that money and supposedly a few enemies nearby- who knows?

    My deepest concern are the children and I am sure everyone here agrees. If this sound stupid, I am sorry, but here is a question. Would the children ever want to FIND their natural born parents?? Who knows HOW these children were given to the Ammons- by who, or where and when?? No accusations here, just along the way, sometimes money can’t take things where they should never go. We know the movie did not tell the whole story- Once they are able to receive their inheritance, they might?? want to invistigate as to where their natural born family lives. Maybe, Maybe Not? Just a thought.
    What a difficult story- so very sad. Lynz27

  6. Murderer Danny Pelosi, distant cousin to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

  7. I typed it above. But there’s not enough to convict that man. Tge mother of hs children should be ashamed of herself.

  8. You are one sick person, I am so glad Tami is making money, and to drag her name through the mud is really bad of you, I think you must be a old girlfriend, your book Tamra it was GREAT, dont listen to bad people, good luck with your family and life, and Thank you for signing my book….

  9. Ok who cares what you think but going after this poor women, you must be a friend of the killer, yes that is what Danny is a cold killer, I feel sorry for all his children and just bought Tamaras book so maybe she can make some money, God knows she will need it for her children with a piece of SHIT ex husband like Danny the killer, Here in California he would be put to death I hope he never gets out

  10. Tamara Pelosi-A poor excuse for a life. This is what the book should be called. Just kind of seems like that Tamara likes being in this infamous spot light. She still has the Pelosi last name. If she is so hurt with this situation then why wouldn’t she go back to being Tamara Shore? Then people would rarely associate her with Danny. Next I would like to say that I think it is very funny that Tamara’s mother, Susan Semerade, co authored this book, or get rich scheme-which ever term you would like to use. Susan tried having relations with Danny in an upstairs bathroom, disgusting! I suggest not wasting you hard earned money on this book. Its another ‘I’m the victim’ novel. Boo! Tamara leaves out a lot of important details about the ‘innocent lives behind crime.’ For example, she wanted Danny to have a relationship with the rich woman from the Hamptons so her and her family would be taken care of. And, that is what he did. He took care of his children. He paid off the house that they lived in. And then Smart Tamara refinanced the house and put them in debt. Tami, you thought Danny was going to come back to you after all was said and done, and here you are heartbroken again. So, your all sore and now you are trying to make people feel bad for you. And, that degree you have, you owe it to Danny for putting you through school. Its time to move on, go back to Shore and get over it.

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