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Apr 172010

Tara Reid posed for Playboy nude in Jan/Feb 2010. Tara Reid’s photo in Playboy looked good. Tara Reid had plastic surgery long before she posed naked for Playboy. Tara Reid’s bikini pictures are also below for comparison. Reid looked better in Playboy. Reid had discussed about her numerous plastic surgeries in interviews before.

Tara Reid said she had a liposuction even when she was skinny because she wanted to avoid the fat abdomen later on. Reid had breast enhance cosmetic plastic surgery. Reid bravely stripped for Playboy to show her assets.

In 2008, Tara Reid enrolled into the Promises Treatment Center for her rehabilitation. Reid’s publicist did not reveal what she was being treated for. Jack Ketsoyan, Reid’s publicist, requested for privacy for the actress.

Tara Reid, 33, was once applauded for her work in “Van Wilder” and “The Big Lebowski.” Reid had also worked in the reality show line as a host in “Taradise” on E! Recently, Tara Reid was working as a promoter in celebrity events like hosting parties.

Tara Reid breast photo link.

Tara Reid was unaware that her gown had fallen to expose her left breast. Tara Reid gave the cameras the best Tara Reid breast photo on November 4, 2004. Tara Reid was at P. Diddy’s 35th birthday party at Cipriani’s Restaurant in New York.

In the aftermath of the scandal of the Tara Reid breast photo, Reid said that it was no big deal. Reid said people reacted like they had never seen a breast before. There were a couple of scars around Reid’s areole and these most probably were scars from breast augmentations.

Tara Reid Playboy photo.

Tara Red bikini photo, 2008.

Tara Reid bikini picture, 2008.

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