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Sep 192008

Tamara Hoover was an art teacher who posted naked pictures of herself. In May 2006, Tamara Hoover was forced to leave her teaching post after students discovered her semi-naked photos.

Tamara Hoover’s picture:

Tamara Hoover

Tamara Hoover’s dominatrix dog collar picture is below.

Tamara Hoover posed nude wearing a dog collar. This picture was found by Austin High School administrators. Hoover wore a spiked collar and it was known that Tamara Hoover’s photographer (Celesta Danger) was gay. Naked and gay were not very tolerated in Texas so Tamara Hoover was given her marching orders. Tamara Hoover is an artist in her own right and she posed nude for her artistic expressions.

However on Dec. 14, 2006, Tamara Hoover resumed her teaching status.


There is a story about 12 people who were punished for online weird pictures here.

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