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Mar 202010

Mary Shieler stole her daughter’s identity to impersonate Jessica, 18. Shieler then seduced two men, Thomas Montgomery, in his mid 40s, and Brian Barrett, in his 20s.

Jessica, or Jessi, at 18 years old.

Mary Shieler's daughter


Shieler used her daughter Jessica’s photos to lure the men and became involved in a complicated love triangle with Montgomery and Barrett.

Thomas Montgomery*Thomas Montgomery

Montgomery and Barrett were colleagues working in the same company. Montgomery later killed Barrett because of jealousy over wooing the same woman.

Montgomery, 47, pretended to be 19 when he struck up an online friendship with the fake identity of Jessica/ Jessie, who used the moniker “tallhotblond”.

When Shieler sent Montgomery some sexy lingerie, his wife intercepted the parcel and sent back a picture of her husband Thomas Montgomery, to show her that he was an old man.

Mrs Thomas Montgomery

Mrs Tom Montgomery

Shieler contacted Barrett, a co-worker of Montgomery’s, to confirm the facts that he was indeed, an older man, instead of the 19 year old he pretended he was. Shieler pitted Montgomery against Barrett. Both men thought they were in love with tallhotblond, who was 18.

Brian Barrett*Brian Barrett

Barrett was killed in Jan 2009 and Montgomery was arrested. Investigators came to know about Jessica and were worried about her safety. When police finally visited Jessie’s home, they discovered Mary Shieler was the woman pretending to be tallhotblond Jessie.

Thomas Montgomery was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing Brian Barrett.

Mary Shieler and her husband, Tim, were divorced after her internet deception became known. Mary Shieler was not punished for her deceit.

The story of Mary Shieler, Brian Barrett and Thomas Montgomery has been made into a 67 minute documentary by Barbara Schroeder.

Barbara Schroeder, the film maker.

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