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Feb 222009

Sybil is a book about a woman, Sybil Dorsett, with multiple personality disorder. Sybil Dorsett was the pseudonym of Shirley Ardell Mason, who was diagnosed as having psychiatric problems after suffering traumatic abuse from her mother.

Shirley Mason became an artist. Some of her 16 personalities also created art which was hidden in a closet in her basement. Mason experienced blackouts and missing time lapses when her personalities took over her main personality. After Mason’s death, these art were discovered. Only one piece created by a personality had a signature. The other pieces were unsigned.

Sybil Dorsett is Shirley Mason – photo link with some info.

Sybil Dorsett/ Shirley Mason – picture link and information.

Sybil, the book – background information.

Shirley Mason wiki page.

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