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May 302010

Michael Olowokandi’s former girlfriend, Suzie Ketcham, was arrested on the set of “Basketball Wives”. Ketcham ended up being arrested because Sandra got injured when she fell on the ground.

The cast was taping a special episode for the Basketball Wives Reunion when Ketcham had a showdown with Sandra.

Ketcham met “Sandra”, a groupie who had encounters with the basketball players. Ketcham and Sandra had a previous ugly incident when Ketcham threw a drink at Sandra’s face. Ketcham, a mother of two children, is bitter towards the groupies.

Somehow, the producers of Basketball Wives had allowed Sandra to be brought back to the set. When Ketcham saw Sandra, she temporary left the scene. Ketcham returned with a bucket of water and tossed it at Sandra. The groupie tried to run away but slipped on the slippery ground and got injured.

The staff of Basketball Wives called paramedics to help Sandra. Sandra was treated in the presence of the studio audience. There was a lot of drama. Sandra promised to call her lawyer to press charges.

Cops were called into the studio and they arrested Suzie Ketcham. While the entire drama was being played on in real life, the production locked up the set with the audience inside. While the process of injury treatment and police investigations were on-going, no one was allowed to leave the venue.

This was supposed to be a special episode of reunion for the Basketball Wives. The episode with the confrontation of Suzie Ketcham and Sandra is supposed to be aired on Sunday, June 20, 2010.

Suzie Ketcham had two children with her former boyfriend Michael Olowokandi. Ketcham was a former traveler who has seen the sights and sounds of Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Miami. Ketcham left Basketball Wives, but after a while, she changed her mind. Ketcham returned to the show.

What does Ms Ketcham work as? She wears many hats and one of her professional work areas is being a real estate agent. Ketcham was born in Summit, New Jersey. Her father was Caucasian and her mother was Chinese.

Michael Olowokandi background.
Michael Olowokandi was born on April 3, 1975. Olowokandi is nicknamed as The Kandi Man. Olowokandi is a Nigerian British professional basketball player who played for the NBA. Olowokandi was born in Niigeria but he studied in Britain, before he moved across the pond for his University education.

Olowokandi started playing basketball at 17. Olowokandi was 7 feet tall and weighed 269 pounds. He was drafted by the LA Clippers but Olowokandi had to sign with a foreign team because of the NBA lockout policy. When he was eventually able to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, Olowokandi played 5 seasons with them. He sustained a hernia injury and a knee injury which forced him to accept a deal with a lower pay.

Shortly before 2003, Olowokandi became a free agent and then he signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He received treatment for his injuries but was never fully rehabilitated.

Olowokandi’s last team was with the Boston Celtics. After that contract, Olowokandi retired from professional basketball.

Suzie Ketcham.

Suzie Ketcham

Basketball Wives.

Basketball Wives

Michael Olowokandi

Michael Olowokandi

Michael Olowokandi

Michael Olowokandi

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