Susana Martinez: Susana Martinez grandparents were illegal immigrants

Susana Martinez, the Governor of New Mexico, has been placed under the microscope. Martinez said her grandparents emigrated to the US illegally. She used to say that she was unsure about her grandparents’ immigration status because her grandfather left his son, her father, when he was very young. However, newspapers have dug up a 1930 report saying her paternal grandfather was an alien, in not having legal immigration status and not being a naturalized US citizen.

Martinez does not support the notion of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, despite the fact that her paternal grandfather was an illegal immigrant. Back in February, she had an idea to privatize Spaceport America. he thought Americans have paid tax payer money for the national space program and the time is ripe for the citizens to share in the space exploration.

Martinez had been a strong fighter against illegal immigrants. Who knew her family had illegal immigrants! She wants to implement a law to make it compulsory for law enforcement officers to ask about the immigration status of criminal suspects. Since Martinez is a Republican, the Democrats are grouping together to oppose her motion.

Since taking office in Nov 2010, Martinez has been making waves with a series of suggestions. Another controversial idea was to confiscate the cars/ vehicles of drunk drivers who are repeat offenders. In other ideas, she strives to endear herself to her fellow New Mexicans. She asked citizens to write in with ideas on how to reduce spending.

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