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Apr 212009

Susan Smith pushed her car into a lake with her two young sons, Michael Smith, 3, and Alexander Smith, 14 months old, inside. Susan Smith had initially claimed Michael and Alexander Smith were kidnapped but she later confessed to drowning them.

Susan Smith, of South Carolina, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The incident was in 1993/4 and it has been almost 15 years.

Susan Smith’s estranged husband, David Smith has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about his pain. David Smith said he has not seen or spoken to Susan since the day she was jailed.

David Smith has two new children since his two eldest sons died. Savannah Smith, 8, and Nicholas Smith, 6 are David Smith’s new chance at fatherhood. Michael and Alexander would have been 17 and 15 years old now had they lived.

David Smith on Oprah link. Photos are at the link.

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  14 Responses to “Susan Smith & David Smith: What happened to Susan Smith (photos)”

  1. I feel very sory for mom out there who are ILL and DESPERATE.. Susan need help and it was a good thing that she came forward
    with the confession in the end!! Looks like she had very sad childhood and living out a lonely life in the trapped marriage..Her husband at
    the time is also partial responsible for the act indirectly!! She was a young mom and taking care of youngster all the time is a big responsibilites for any young mother..She might have been sufferd frompostpartume illness and did a horrible act!!! We need not
    to Judge and pray that she will be rehabilitated and her chidlren are in heaven … Life has many directions and paths to choose and so
    just be sympathetic to the young mom and pray that she will come around…Mrs.Pham…

  2. I still think of how tragic the boys death was and wonder how Susan could have possibly been in her right mind to do such a thing. What I am really
    saying is that in my opinion she was not in her right mind. I am a mother of twin girls who are 32 years old now. She most likely has been given counsel
    in prison but I am not sure her sentence for life in prison was the correct
    one. So many people were damaged because of her act – it most likely
    could have been avoided if she had been receiving the proper counsel. How many other Susan Smiths are out there as I write this?

  3. Im from asia………….well my mum just bought me the book entitled ‘MOTHER LOVE , DEADLY LOVE’ ‘THE SUSAN SMITH MURDERS’ authored by Andrea Peyser. Its really heartbreaking to know that a mother killed her sons whom she bear inside her for 10 months. I kept wondering how could a mother kill her own flesh??? Im just 17 and i would turn 18 this coming september…..i realise that susan smiths’ youngest son Alex who was 14 months old when he died would turn 18 this august if he had lived…its really sad and i feel pity 4 the 2 boys who were drowned by their own mother.As a hindhu I pray for the boys’ soul to rest in peace.

  4. So sad I still think about what she did. Michael and Alex are together

  5. As horrible as this story is, how is what Susan Smith did any worse than a mom that knowingly takes the life of her baby through an abortion? I’m not defending what she did and it was a horrible, selfish,and heartless act, but why are we so appalled at her senseless murders of her two children when hundreds of thousands of children are murdered everyday by selfish women that knowingly have unprotected sex and then make the decision to have the babies sliced and diced from the womb? I just don’t see the difference. The only difference is we’ve seen pictures and videos of these 2 little boys and maybe that makes them more real to people, but the millions of aborted babies will never have their picture taken.

  6. My first two children were a little boy with brown hair, and his little brother, with blond hair. The picture that is most often shown of Michael and Alex is very much like one of my favorites of my sons. When this happened, my boys were 9 and 12, and I just could not fathom someone doing what she did. She even had at least three people, their father and both of their grandmothers, who would have taken them off her hands in a heart beat, yet she chose to kill them. My oldest son passed away last year. I would have done anything to have been able to protect my son. How on earth can a mother kill her own children?

    I have never seen a grown man as broken up as David Smith, at his sons’ funeral. I am happy to know that he has two more children now, and I hope he has found peace concerning Michael and Alex. I know that my son is now the guardian angel of our family, and I am sure that Michael and Alex are of their family, too.

  7. I remember when this happened. My two sons were around the same age as Michael and Alex. I remember going in my sons’ bedroom and waking them up just to hold them and cry. I would do anything to protect my boys. I just can’t imagine what would make someone do what Susan did. None of us will ever understand. She’s in prison where she needs to be, and one day she will face the true judgement…

  8. Susan and I used to attend the same University & I spent the day before this happened with her & everything seemed fine. I am very sad that this happened, I loved those little boys. All she had to do was ask for help & I would have been there immediately. We write to each other all the time & I see her about 5 times a year. People make mistakes, she made a horrible one & only God can judge her. To this day, she has not told me EXACTLY why she did it. By the way, I am black & she is not racist.

  9. I am now reading the book Beyond All Reason, David Smith’s story of this horrible act. I am glad to read that David has a second chance at love and a new family…God Bless you David. And just know that Susan does not have to answer to us only to God.

  10. I wonder just how many of you have been to that dark ‘lonley place she was at the night that awful thing happened.I have been there.I pray to GOD I never have to go back to that awful place for even one minute.

  11. I was only 10 when this happened but I remembered feeling so heartbroken for those boys and the father. The part where it says they would have been 17 and 15 now is just sad…what this woman did…is only an act God can forgive.

  12. it devastates me to even think of what she did to her babies. how could you they were just babies. i am a mother of two and my kids are 3 and 4 and i can’t think about doing that to them. i don’t even like to think about it because it makes me cry. but i wish david the best in life. i hope you can live for you boys who are now looking after you. yes your chance of fatherhood was taken once but now you have another chance. i wish you the best and may God bless you.

  13. I think she should be killed

  14. I was 12 at the time of this incident. And even then it was so sad to hear about those boys. To hear what there mother did to them was sickening. And for there father to loose them forever. A father who would never see his children again is just so sad. I’m happy to read though that David has a new family. He really does deserve a second chance. His sons are looking down upon him and smiling seeing their little sister and brother

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