Susan Reinert, Karen Reinert, Michael Reinert: 30th death anniversaries

June 25 came and went. CNN decided to commemorate the 30th death anniversaries of Susan Reinert, Karen Reinert and Michael Reinert.

Susan Reinert, and her children; Karen Reinert, 11, and Michael Reinert, 10, went missing in 1979. Susan Reinert’s body was found dead in her car on June 25, 1979. Her kids were missing and never found. The Reinert children were presumed dead.

Reinert was a divorcee. Reinert’s boyfriend, William Sidney Bradfield Jr, was convicted for the murder of Susan Reinert and her children. Reinert had taken out a life insurance policy and Bradfield was the benefactor.

Karen Reinert’s shirt had a souvenir pin which was found in her mother’s school principal’s car. Dr. Jay C. Smith, the principal, was tried but his case was dismissed. Dr Smith was the principal of Upper Merion High School, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

The pin could have belonged to anybody who had the common pin that was given out by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

William Sidney Bradfield Jr and Dr Jay C Smith had both maintained their innocence up to the days they died. Bradfield died in prison in January 1998. Smith died in May 1998.

Karen Reinert, Michael Reinert - photos.

Karen Reinert & Michael Reinert

Karen Reinert & Michael Reinert

Susan Reinert

Susan Reinert

Dr Jay C Smith

 Dr Jay C Smith

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2 Responses to Susan Reinert, Karen Reinert, Michael Reinert: 30th death anniversaries

  1. ozarklady

    I just finished Joseph Wambaugh’s book about this case. It was so sad that Bradfield had such power over so many people! It is also sad that the children were never found.

  2. muukky

    this is so sad

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