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Mar 022010

Susan Dey elected to keep her low profile. The “Partridge Family” had an emotional reunion on the “Today Show”. The cast celebrated the former series in the “Great TV Families Reunited” series. Susan Dey, who played the eldest Partridge daughter, Laurie Partridge, was absent in the Reunion. Dey was last known to be doing fine.

Dey married her first husband, Lenny Hirshan. Dey and Hirshan had a daughter, Sarah Hirshan, who was born in 1978. Dey and Hirshan divorced some time later.

Susah Dey married her second husband, Bernard Sofronski in 1988. Dey is now a board member of the Rape Treatment Center at UCLA Medical Center. Dey’s last known movie was “LA Law: The Movie”, released in 2002.

Danny Bonaduce, who struggled to find himself after his initial child superstardom, was present at the Reunion. Bonaduce showed how tough he was and how the human spirit can triumph over obstacles.

Susan Dey 1990.

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