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Apr 092008

Sufiah Yusof / Shilpa Lee on video – please click on the link below.

Sufiah Yusof / Shilpa Lee on YouTube.

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  9 Responses to “Sufiah Yusof video”

  1. really stupid girl.

  2. Why you follow this bad path?What makes you to do so?Anyway i want to be one night with you.So where can i meet you?

  3. Actualy being a maths genius is easy. I used to fail i that, but I am an IR today. How, just repeat the shit you call maths and pratices, easy right. But I suck when it comes to relationships and people. It is better to have a high EQ rather then high IQ. People with high IQ are useless. Thats why we have global warming and all the problem in the world. We put people with high IQ on the pedestal. We are not fit to run the world people, we need people with a heart to run the world not just with brains.

  4. it’s a world rule guys,look this is only the one that we known.i heard nur amalina who score 17a in spm also being a prostitude while studying in overseas…

  5. i watch a lot of porn in my life. a lot. but watching this really make me cry. its true. i’m crying while typing these. she was an idol. a really clever girl. back when i was a kid, i really hope i can have brain like her. i can’t. i’m not that smart. but now, she’s a hooker. she can be more than that. 1st time i cry for a girl.. i hope she get back on the right path.

  6. Prostitution is no way of pleasure or independece or Love. Prostitution is just a lust like animals have with no emotions and feelings.I belive a Genius like her should understand this or we shall be doing unjustice to other so called genius by make her stand in their catagory.
    Life is not easy and never will be But prostitution is no remedy to it. You are not penalising anybody doing so except yourself which i assure you will realize one day

  7. hm..perubahan yang mendadak..elok-elok genius math,jadi macam tue..

  8. It a shocking too many not because of prostitution but because a supposing a genious get involve in such profession.
    Religious wise Allah bless come together with a tes.How you manage such blessing.
    Beauty,Power and Wealth are test of How thankful human to the creator. I think Sufiah cannot understand this because she is only good in arithmetic cannot fathom the Mystical of Religion as Sufi would understand or a simple faithful Muslim in remote Afghanistan would undersatnd. Getting involve in such activities will expose to people of similar idea like her thus she getting into a jouney of no return unless the prayer of her mother is bless.
    She is young sensuality is strong but as she get old and despised by her customers she will regret like once notorious blue film actress Linda Love Lace in 1970s.
    If she do not adapt she will become street walker unless she invest her earnings which not much after all given only 5 years or so in the Market.
    I know of a widow , who is rebellious or stuborn from school days ( from her perpective the teacher single out her and unfairly punished her ) as teacher approached would have tame others but she became more rebellious at heart ( I suppose Sufia do ). After school she get involve or get in love with a married man as second wife. Being Beutiful at that time she would not want “to share” as she thought she deserve better. So divorce , after having a child. She go to the city ,could not a proper job so finally involve with prostitution in cheap hotel,finally free lance street walker a 30 years old. She never realised aging is catching up. She tried to work as a casher but not satified with long working hours ( indicating she has become lazy) and small pay.
    This people do not see the long term perpective of life……………old age and death.

  9. […] Shilpa Lee video clip here. […]

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