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Jan 192009

StorySide B Ron McClellan (bassist) died during the weekend. McClellan (pictures below) collapsed during a basketball game. McClellan failed to be revived.

“StorySide: B” is a Christian rock band. StorySide: B sells under Gotee Records. StorySide: B band members are Lucio “Lu” Rubino (guitarist/vocalist), Jordan Mohilowski (drummer), Ron McClellan (bassist/pianist), Matt Lande (guitarist) and Preston Pohl (guitarist). Matt Lande left the group after some time.

Chris Hauser, a radio promoter, made the announcement on McClellan. Please pray for his family and friends.

“Miracle” Story Side: B Directed by Shane Stanley. Video.

StorySide: B, blog news.

StorySide: B, photo & article.

StorySide: B, picture & article. About their album,”We Are Not Alone.”

StorySide: B on wiki.

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