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Oct 012011

Stevie B’s wife was Paula B Hill. She lives in Rio de Janeiro. They were married for 16 years. The couple had 3 kids. Amir Hill was 14, Aysha Hill was 5 and Aliyah Hill was 3 years old, at the time an undated report was written about them. Stevie B lives in Las Vegas.

Paula B Hill used to write and record songs, but she spent most of her time caring for her kids, so her personal music ambitions remained in the back burner.

Although the couple lived apart, the Hills stayed committed due to their shared passion for music, their kids and some common goals in life. Stevie B is an American, but he has traveled to and fro, across the border, because of his family. He speaks Portguese. So far, Stevie B has recorded more than 10 studio albums.

Stevie B, around 50 or more than 50 years old, is famous in Brazil. He used to be known by the handle, the King of Funk Melody, or, The King of Freestyle. Hill composed, produced music, as well as being a singer.

Stevie B, aka Steven Bernard Hill, was arrested for failure to pay child support. Stevie B was performing at his own concert, when police arrived. The Latin singer of dance music was hauled off stage in handcuffs. Officers in Springfield, Massachusetts arrested him. Although he was shocked and disappointed, Stevie B co-operated. He owed $420K in unpaid child support. Nearly half a million behind, Stevie B is finding trouble with his finances. He is working to make money and has another concert lined up in Providence, Rhode Island. However, if he remains locked up, he wouldn’t be able to work to amke that dough. He used to be a big singer star in the 1980s to 1990s. He had number one hits in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, in Dec 1990.

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  1. Lets not forget the OTHER “one-hit wonder singer Stevie” STEVIE WOODS (of “Steal the Night” fame) a deadbeat dad who made a mockery of the legal system which he has eluded, when he fled the U.S. for Germany to avoid child support. As with Stevie B, he too, has not missed a performance, starring in “Starlight Express” and live performances across Europe.

    -Cheri Woods

    Ex-wife and mother of his child

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