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Dec 022008

Steven Arthur RiosSteven Arthur Rios, an ex police officer of Columbia, Mo., was convicted of first degree murder. Steve Rios was accused of killing Jesse James Valencia, a gay student from Kentucky. Steven Arthur Rios had an affair with Jesse Valencia before Valencia was killed with a slashed throat in June 2004.

Steven Arthur RiosThis is the second trial. In May, 2005, Steven Rios was convicted and sentenced for murder. Then in 2007, a re-trial was called for since 2 hearsay statements were rejected as being unfair.

Jesse ValenciaJesse Valencia, 23, was a student at University of Missouri-Columbia. Steven Rios, 28, was a married man. Valencia’s mother, Linda Valencia, said that she felt sorry for Steven Rios’ wife, Libby Rios. However, Linda Valencia felt no pity for Steven Rios for killing her son Jesse.

Steven Rios met Jesse Valencia in April 2004 and their sexual relationship began on the same day. Steven Rios’ DNA was found under Valencia’s fingernails. Rios’ hairs were found on Valencia’s chest.

Steven Rios’ family sympathized with Jesse Valencia’s family for losing Jesse. However, the Rios family believed Steven is innocent.

Rios was convicted of additional charge of armed criminal action. As Rios was already convicted for the first degree murder, he would face a sentence of live in prison without the possibility of parole. Steven Rios will be formally sentenced on July 5, 2009.

There are photos of Steven Rios and Jesse Valencia at the link. The old background story at the first trial is also there.

The second and latest trial of Steven Rios was reported at the link.

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